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The American Dream: Full of Depression

Hey everyone.

It's been a long time since I've posted, and I mean a long time. There's a lot I've been struggling with, and I wish more than ever that I'd quit using those struggles as an excuse to not post anything. That's something my generation is growing up to do is to use nothing but excuses, and I hate it!

The biggest thing I've been trying to overcome is anorexia. I'm not the a-typical anorexic. I'm not obsessed with being thin in any way. I actually despise being thin. I became anorexic a few years ago due to copious amounts of stress that overtook my life. Most of it was due to personal reasons, mostly due to my family and a relationship obstacle I went through. Going through all these things took a big chunk out of my life to the point where I wasn't sure what my life was anymore.

And for anyone who hasn't gone through depression, it's the hardest feeling in the world to explain. Not knowing why you exist, and not even being sure …