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Are Parasites Wreaking Havoc On Your Body?

By now, all of you should know that I suffer weight problems. Not the usual, "I can't lose weight!" But the total opposite, "I can't gain weight!"

I know most of you would die to have this problem, but what if the underlying problem I have is killing me, literally? Then would you want it? I sure as heck don't!

It bothers me how so many people comment on my weight. I'm 5'1 and weigh 93 pounds on a good day. It dips back and forth from 90 to 93 to 95, but I can never keep my weight steady. No, I do not have eating problems. No, it's not because of my vegetarianism. So many people out there are vegan. Hell, there's vegan bodybuilders out there that look incredible.

I actually lost an unexpected 15 pounds about five years ago before I went vegetarian. In a way, vegetarianism saved me because I seriously could not keep weight on.

But I need to take a step back even farther than this: to the place where I believe all my problems began. About five years ago, I had really bad bronchitis that left me in bed all the time. It was so bad that I couldn't go to school.

After I recovered, my life went downhill. To this day, I'm still unsure whether my rosacea occured after or before the bronchitis, but I believe it was after. Don't take my word on it though. I'm not quite sure. But soon after bronchitis, my weight started slipping. I developed dark circles under my eyes. I was lathargic. A few years later, I still couldn't put weight on. About four years ago, I started having really bad PMS. I never once had PMS before this, and I'm talking about extremely painful periods here.

About two years ago, I started having awful pains in my stomach. Sometimes bloating and distenion. Mostly all the pain occured in the morning. No matter what I did, the pain would not subside. Not eating more, not drinking more water. Simply nothing. Then about a year ago, I developed chronic constipation. The only relief I get is drinking warm tea first thing in the morning. 

I've been researching nonstop to figure out my problem, and no it's not a simple, eat more! It's not that I dislike food, but eating enough food in a day hurts my stomach. It's almost impossible for me to reach 2k calories each day without being sick. I never have an appetite. But seriously, I love food. I'm not anorexic. I'm not bullimec. My digestive system is just really messed up.

Which leads me to my current findings. I've ruled out gallstones as being the problem along with celiacs. The one thing that's hit home most is the possibility of parasites lurking in my system. Now I know all of us have parasites in us, but this brings me back to the bronchitis, which completely weakened my immune system. I believe this allowed the parasites to run wild in my body and multiply like crazy, giving my body zero time to catch up and stop them.

I've looked up countless sites, and I almost have every single symptom listed on each site such as:

-Constipation, Inability to gain weight, Dark circles under eyes, skin problems ie. rosacea, distended stomach, stomach pains/burning, excess mucus, chronic fatigue, nausea, joint pain, insomnia, nervousness

I also am pretty sure that it's all caused by parasites because a good parasite killer is diotamacious earth, which kills parasites but does not harm us. I've been taking it the past two days, and I swear I saw a parasite after going to the bathroom. It made me feel sick to know that this could be the cause. But I also worry that I could be wrong, that it might not have been one, but I swore I saw one.

So if your having a hard time gaining weight, or your life is going downhill health-wise, don't just dismiss these problems. You could honestly have a parasite infection that's killing you.


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