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Inspirational: My Favorite Quote

Today is a day for inspiration. I've gone through a lot of things in my life, including depression, but I believe that everything that I've gone through has molded me into the person I am today. I have the perfect quote that can say it in better words than I could ever.

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." -Mulan. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekened. I will continue posting on Monday.

Healing Cavities: The Journey Begins.

Although I've yet to see initial changes in my teeth so far (I fell off track for a while), I'm going to give it my all and push for greater results.

I believe the key to healing our teeth begins with food as always: No processed foods. No gluten (Just in care you're intolerant, since gluten sensitivities will prevent absorption of nutrients). All whole foods. High end supplements.

Now what type of foods will I be eating?
-Fruits and vegetables
-Organic dairy
-Soaked, sprouted, and cooked beans/grains
-My mind is blanking right now...

I do not eat meat for ethical and health reasons. No I will not shove my vegetarianism down your face as long as you don't shove your views down mine. This is about our health after all, and I believe we can all learn from each other.

Some other things I am incorporating in my diet are:
-Fermented Cod Liver Oil/ Butter Oil
-Calcium Bentonite Clay
-Diotamcious Earth
-Healthforce Vitamineral Green
-Healthforce Fruit of the Earth
-Healthforce Earth

Now if…

Weight Gain: My Journey

I know I've been gone for a few months. I've been needing time to recollect my thoughts and put myself together. A lot of stressful things have happened that disrupted my life, but I'm back this time. I plan on staying.

I want to share my journey on gaining weight. There's not much information on the web if you're in desperate need in gaining a few pounds. I would know. I've been looking for a long time, and although I've yet to gain weight, I'm trying my hardest to do so. And as I do gain this weight, I'll share my insight with all of you.

So far, I've discovered it's not as simple as just eating "enough calories". This is a damn lie. It's only partially true. Over the last two weeks, I ate a solid 2k calories. I did gain two pounds, BUT I had to constantly eat all day long. Which is not something I can keep up with. Sometimes I do not have breaks at work, which means I work 5-6 hour shifts without eating more that a few hundred…