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The Writing Process: Critique Partners

Hello, my fellow bloggers!

So I've realized lately that I talk too much about health and not enough about my biggest passion: writing. It's my life, literally. Writing saved my life when I went through the worst times of my life, namely high school, and I believe I should talk about more writing more.

Now, it sounds easy to write a book, right? All you need is a computer, a word processor, and an idea. And bam, just write! Hell, I wish it was that easy.

I mean, hell, writing is easy. It takes a long time, but writing all your feelings out through a fictional world brings a type of satisfaction you can't find anywhere else. You find yourself immersed in a world you thought not possible, with characters that don't even exist, yet those characters are your life.

Your characters shouldn't really resemble you, and most of the time they don't resemble their authors. But deep down inside, us authors know our characters are based off us. It's true. Without our life exp…

New Goal: Eating Better

I have a new goal for myself. Well, actually, it's not really a new goal. It's a goal I've been too lazy to take on. And that's for getting myself to eat better. Meaning more whole foods, less dairy and processed junk.

I can visualize the whole process. It seems so easy. Until the new day comes, and I still haven't completed my goal.

I mean, it's hard when I don't have my own place, so I'm tempted with taking the easy way out. Plus our fridge is too full, so I just get angry when I look inside. If I had my own place, with all my own vegan food, I could totally accomplish being a vegan and gaining weight.

It's not impossible. It's just difficult when I'm stuck in depression. Yeah, it's not an excuse for poor eating, but my mental state is just wonky. Cause every single time I try, something always goes wrong.

Like for today, I tried to make myself some lentil baked beans (completely vegan). I followed the instructions and everything, and it t…