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Deoderant: Aluminum & Chemicals Lurk in White

Here's another, "What's in your beauty products?" post.

Today's topic: Deoderant.

Now with this topic, I have personal experience with why your commercial deoderant is toxic.

But let me start from the beginning.

Now, I know it's not our faults that we choose to be ignorant to the world around us. Hell, we were trained through school to not question what we were told. They said, "Here you go. You must wear deoderant to not stink." Well, maybe not our school. But our school system does train us to not question what we're taught. Because pharmaceutical companies would never "lie" to you. Everyone is on your side. Right?

Or are they on your money's side? You know. Feeding you things that aren't good for you so that later on in life you must turn to the pharmaceutical company for help when your body starts detiorating.

That's an extremely uncommon way of thinking. But does this get those dusty gears in your head clicking, if only a little?

Now, you're thinking I'm crazy. But guess what? I can prove all of my theories correct. And while your still wading through the world while your body detiorates, I know all the truths in life to prevent this.

And the truth is not hidden like you would believe it is. The truth in life is right in plain sight. We're just taught not to look for it.

This is why I promote "thinking for yourself" and "educate yourself".

Because only you can be the one to make a change in your life. Nobody else can do this for you. Just yourself.

Now I'm digressing a little, but this all does play a part in deoderant. Because commercial deoderant is not healthy for you at all. Whatsoever. We're cultured in a world that trains us what's the norm and what isn't. But we aren't educated as to what's healthy.

I mean, did you even know that your deoderant contains aluminum?

Hell, if you google it, things about what I'm going to talk about pop right up.

Well, this so called ingredient aluminum actually is linked to cancer...and alzheimers.

Now the FDA likes to disregard this because well, they don't give two f*cks. And why should they? They're not forcing us to buy this stuff. We're doing it on our own will, so they shouldn't be the ones taking care of us. We should be the ones taking care of us. And if we don't care, who gives them the right to care?

Now here's a quote saying perfectly as to why to avoid aluminum:

Use deodorant instead of antiperspirant, since sweat is normal and blocking the pores is not. Especially avoid aluminum, which is found in high levels in the brain plaques linked to Alzheimer's disease. And with deodorants, avoid phthalates, which are plastics used to help the fragrance stay on our skin and block endocrine function, especially in the male fetus. Parabens, which are used as preservatives in these products, should also be avoided since they could be linked to breast cancer.
- You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty by Mehmet C. Oz., M.D. and Michael F. Roizen, M.D.


 Isn't that scary that it's linked to Alzheimers?

And antipersperspirants are bullcrap. Did you know it's healthy to sweat? That sweating helps drive out toxins? So if you are blocking your pores, the toxins cannot escape. Which is extremely unhealthy.

Okay, I'm digressing a little. But here is where I want to talk about my horrible experiences with deoderants. I think it affects us girls more than it does guys, and here's why:

When we shave our armpits, we are opening the pores, and when we apply deoderants, it's straight up absorbed. How do I know this? Well, a few years ago, the deoderant kept collecting into one of my pores. So much that it began to form a cyst. The pore was dark. The spot hurt badly. I got scared.

But I like to handle these types of things myself. So what does a teenager think to do? Well, I opened up the pore. Yes, I dug into my skin with a tweezer. And it hurt like a mofo. Alright, now this is a little gross. But tons of white stuff squeezed out of that pore, mostly resembly deoderant. Maybe it was pus. Maybe it was deoderant. I'll never know. But it smelled horrid. I knew right then and there that my deoderant had infected my pore. And that scared me. As well as promted me to research deoderants. Which then led me to all the dangers of deoderant.

Now these are just words, I know. But these are words of someone who is not wanting your money. I'm here to educate you. I care about this world and it's people.

Don't let your deoderant detiorate your health. Educate yourself.

So what deoderant do I use instead? Crystal Deoderant. An all-natural aluminum-free deoderant with very few ingredients. Instead of stopping your from sweating. It kills of odor-causing bacteria. And I've been using it for years. Do not get the spray on kind. They don't work. Use the roll-ons. They're awesome.

I buy mine from the same place I buy my make-up: The All Natural Face.

Now do yourself a favor and stop using toxinous products.


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