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Taking Care of Your Skin

It seems quite interesting to me that in this day and age, people act like they know a lot about taking care of themselves, yet when I try to understand them, they fail to understand the true meaning of health.

And that's why I created this blog. To help those people like you who are searching for the truth.

Yes, you can search the web for hours and hours trying to find this stuff, but honestly, it's hard to find. Not everyone knows how to truly take care of themselves. But I don't blame you. We weren't taught these things in school. We were only taught these long algabraeic bullcrap things that do not pertain to our lives, things we will never use nor see again.

Why do they teach us pointless stuff? To keep you distracted from the real things in life.

They teach us about cancer, war, and how to be "healthy", but they do not teach us all the true things about them.

Like does anyone else think it's odd that cancer is on the rise? We're supposed to be an advanced society on the breakthrough with medicine, yet it's on the rise? Are you serious?

Well, just look at all the factors. Back in the day, we used to homemade food. We used to go out in the sun without "protection". Not as many people smoked nor drinked. And nowhere near as many people were addicted to drugs.

All of this stuff, believe it or not, contributes to cancer. Toxins are the main coponents of cancer. They're found primarily in our water supply, processed foods, sunscreen, cigarettes, and the air we breathe.

Now you're think sunscreen, really? Yes, really? Ask your grandparents if they ever heard of skin cancer back  in the day? They'll tell you it was rare. In this day and age, it's all we're warned against. Now I know you're now thinking, but we're more advanced and can detect these things. Yes, of course, but do you understand what's in sunscreen? Can you tell me what each and every specific ingredient is?

Hell no you can't unless you're some genious, but what's in there is a bunch of toxins.

And guess what? Our skin is our biggest organ, and it absorbs everything we put on it. Yup, so those sunscreens we use, all those toxins are absorbed straight into us.

And those toxins are pushed out via acne because they have nowhere to go.

So what do we do to reduce those toxins?

First of all, you must eat real food! Not food that's been cooked down and made into a manmade product in a box. No mac'n cheese isn't real food. It's not even real cheese for goodness sake.

Real food means that it was grown from the ground, and if you put it in the ground, it could spawn off more food. If you stick a box of mac'n cheese in the ground, it won't produce anything. The food has been chemically bathed and heated to the point where it no longer lives. So why eat it? Because that's what we're accustomed to doing. And it's not healthy.

Next, you want to incorporate real vitamins in your body. No, vitamins from the store are not real. Research it. All vitamins, organic or not, all contain synthetic vitamins. And if it's synthetic, your body cannot use it. You need vitamins and minerals to live. They make up your bones, teeth, and tissue and muscles. Without it, your body begins to break down, causing arthritis and cavities.

Yes, cavities are caused by lack of minerals and vitamins. Do you ever wonder why you can brush your teeth every freaking day and still get cavities? That's because it's not caused by bacteria. It's caused by a lack of real nutrients and a lack of alkalinity in the body.

Yes, this means cavities can heal. I have yet to do so myself, but I'm planning on making my own vitamin/mineral powder for myself.

When I finally heal them, I will help guide you guys as well.

Healing your body starts with real food and real nutrition. You can't receive this from a boxed food nor a little vitamin. You must eat real food that can supply your body with nutrients, and when you do this, you can finally have heatlhy skin.


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