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My Experience in Healing Rosacea & Acne: Bentonite Clay

So I've never really discussed my regime I use for my face, or actually what I used to use on my face. Am I confusing you already? Good. Because now you shall read on.

Most of you already know I have rosacea. It was very bad to begin with. There's a photo on one of my posts showing the pure redness across my nose and chin. Along with that, I had so many pimples and lots of cystic acne.

Now what do I think caused it? My overabuse of my skin using commercial products. My last post I tried to explain why these face washes are terrible for our skin. I mean, who wants to slather PPG 15 Stearyl Ether all over their face? They use it in face wash, so why not? Would you still put it on your face, considering its a toxin? I sure as hell wouldn't. So what makes you think that face wash is safe.

Oh yeah, cause the big ole' FDA claims so. Well, guess what? The FDA doesn't give two f*cks about your acne. They need you to develop that acne in order to make them money through the Pharmaceutical business. They're saying "Here. Here. Buy this!" So you buy their crap face washes, and  they always say it only gets worse before it gets better. Say what? If it's supposed to help, then why does it make my acne worse? And then your acne never gets better. So then you use another face wash with the exact same ingredients! But with a different name of course. And you keep cycling it around in this vicious cycle of face washes until you can't live without them.

Just like diseases and cancer. I'm sorry, society. But how the f*ck can you believe they haven't found a cure to cancer? How can it take such a well-developed society that's been surrounded by cancer such a damn long time to try and figure it out?

And have you noticed all the processed foods we've been eating? All the toxin-filled junk we're putting on our skin? Did you realize cancer is only getting worse in our society? How does that even make sense if we're developing better drugs to deal with it? Oh yeah, cause the Pharmaceuticals is a BUSINESS. And what do businesses need in order to survive? Money. And if they cure your damn cancer or your damn problems, they'd be out of a job!

If you knew all the truth, like why we get cancer in the first place, they'd be going bankrupt.

Yeah, Yeah, I know. You're shaking your head, thinking I'm some crazy b!tch with no real emotions. Well guess what? The Pharmaceutical company is feeding you toxins. Go read the ingredients. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me.

I've heard so many kids my age disregard the truth over the governments lies. "But how could you believe that? That's so cruel! You're freaking crazy!"

Uhm, no I'm not. I've opened my eyes to the big picture here.

I know toxins cause cancer. They freaking told it to me in my social studies book in school! Everyone is just too blind to see the truth. Agent Orange was used in the Vietnam war. Guess what it was? A toxin? Guess what it caused: Cancer. Go research it if you don't believe me. They plain out told me the real truth to my face but hid it in plain sight.

Now why do most kids fail to see these hidden truths? Cause they're so self-revolved. They care too much about their make-up and hair or if everyone loves them on Facebook. Well, that's a make believe world. Sorry to ruin your Imaginationland for you.

Now what does this have to deal with me clearing up my skin? It has everything to deal with it. Because toxins are what cause these skin problems.

How did I get rid of my problem? Well, actually, I decreased the problem.

Through Bentonite Clay. Bentonite Clay, when used on or in the body has a negatively charged ions, which picks up all the positive charges (toxins) in the body.

Don't believe me? Well, I don't need to tell you the truth. Science blatantly tells you this in documentaries:

"Clay absorbs (takes matter into its molecular structure) and adsorbs (causes foreign material to stick to the outside of its tiny particles) heavy metals, trace elements, organic substances, and other minerals. These often come with the package, so to say. When a person or jungle bird for that matter, ingests one of the wholesome clays, the colloidal substance goes to work cleansing the living thing from impurities, as well as, remineralizing it at the same time. Unwanted deposits of heavy metals are removed from the body while required elements are replenished. Toxins and pathogens are purged, hence inflammation, diminishes."

Pulled from

Did you read that last sentence? It pulls out toxins! This is exactly why I used Bentonite Clay on my face every single day. I mixed it with Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and made a paste. Then I used it as a mask for as long as I could handle it. And it actually helped! I have the photos to prove it on my other post!

Yes, I know the info was pulled from another blogger, but you can research it yourself if you're curious or doubtful.

Anyways, I used the clay religiously, and my skin became less red every day. I was so happy.

So why don't commercial faces work? Not only because they have toxins, but they also strip your skin's natural oils. Which makes your face work extra hard to maintain it's PH balanace. Then, more toxins are shoved through your pores, making it extra worse.

So what do you do to stop it? Stop using things on your face altogether. Hell, plain water will do the trick at removing dirt and makeup. For makeup, just take a wash cloth with water or you can use oil to remove it.

Oil? For your skin? *Gasp* But think about it, your skin produces oil and oil, especially coconut oil is good for your face, doesn't strip your face of its oils. It helps keep the natural balance.

Once I stopped using any type of skincare for my face, the redness died down because my skin was getting a break for once in 3 years! It can't handle you trying to work against it.

Try it, it can't hurt!


  1. And didnt you try to eat the clay? I´ve read it may be beneficial to eat it. Anyway congrats you defeated Rosacea!!!!!!!!! It seems sometimes impossible. I am a 19 year old Male with mild Rosacea.
    Keep posting
    My name is Erik Gundel, i am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    1. Thanks Erik for posting!

      Yes, I did eat the clay. More like drank it but same thing. I'm now starting to think it just wasn't my clay that helped but also the raw apple cider vinegar that I mixed it with to apply on my face. Diet is also a big help as well. I hope you find a way to combat your rosacea as well!

    2. thanks, i will try this, even though i am not able to get "raw" apple CV, but i dont think it makes a lot of differences. Ive tried COconut Oil on my face and it seems to get it worse, even though i read that it may be because it it pulling out toxins. Do you think it could help even without the Coconut oil?

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    4. Good sharing Claire, and for healthy purpose, apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to boost metabolism, blocks the body’s storage of dietary fat plus breaks down and dissolves existing body fat. A study at Australia’s University of Sydney in which subjects who consumed two tablespoon of ACV daily experienced fewer surges and crashes in blood sugar levels. Read more at:

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  3. Hi,
    I do love coconut oil for everything but my face. It is very pore clogging ie comedogenic. I do use coconut oi as a hair mask and although it works wonders for my hair, it wi break out my hair line. For my facial oil, I use argan or hemp seed oil. Neither are pore clogging and drier oils. Hemp seed does need to be refrigerated though. I am looking forward to trying the clay/acv. Thank you

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  5. Hi may I know how many times per week do u do this routine? And may I know whats your day and night routine while not doing this clay mask routine?

    1. I used to do this every day for two weeks, and then I cut back to once every few days. Honestly, the only other things I do with my skin is exfoliate when it gets flaky, and use coconut oil to moisturize.

      Sorry for the late reply!

  6. Isn’t it why clay masks are popular? Bentonite, French Green, and Rhassoul cosmetic clays are all known beneficial skin and hair care. You just have to pick one that suits to your skin. That being said, the first and most crucial step is analyzing your skin type, to find out the clay properties that would do well for you.

    Hugh Barber @ Laser-Clinique

  7. Taking care of the skin’s health should be everyone’s top priority. So it must've been a huge disappointment when the product that you trusted failed you. But we could always find a way to solve our problems, and I’m glad that you finally found the solution to yours. Take care!

    Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders

  8. What type of clay did you buy? There are many types available, and a few differences I've seen have been calcium bentonite clay and sodium bentonite clay. Which would you suggest?

  9. Rosacea is one of them that is very common and a number of men and women are suffering from this problem and are unaware of this fact. Rosacea Treatment in Dubai

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  11. I completely agree with you ! There is no way there isn't already a cure for cancer. Also both diabetes and AIDS are government made diseases. There are so many toxins and chemicals in our food, water, air that really shouldn't be there ! People who think your'e crazy are just ignorant and can't see what our government is doing to us for money and population control. And also Bentonite clay is amazing. I've never drank it but I use it as a face mask twice a week and almost every night as a spot treatment and it really draws the gunk out ! I also use ACV everyday and fine grain sea salt for exfoliating ! I had moderate-severe acne for 5 years, guess what made my face clear up ? I cut out all my face products and acne washes and my skin has never looked better ! I also only use boiled & purified water on my face. No, my acne is not completely gone, currently I have about 4 pimples and some blackheads on my nose but compared to 70-80, sometimes more, pimples at a time I'm happy to deal with the few I currently have.

    1. I also use Hemp seed oil after my mask. If you are acne-prone DO NOT USE COCONUT OIL. It made me break out so bad. Hemp seed oil has a comedogenic score of 0 while coconut oil is a 5.

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  13. I ate healthy, avoided processed junk, only used homemade face products and natural soaps and somehow still ended up with rosacea. I have been using clay masks and it helps clean my pores but not rid me of the cysts. I have recently began eating it and hope it will help me from the inside out. I believe my problem is internal and maybe even due to broth control stopping my period for years. I changed birth control but my period has only happened once since then and at the same time my rosacea cleared up.

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