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Healthy yet not so healthy

Okay, it's rant time.

I absolutely hate when people "think" they're being healthy but their diet is not healthy whatsoever. I always hear people say, "It's low-carb, so it must be healthy!" Um, no. It's really not. Sorry to burst your little bubble there, but you need carbs to live! You can't go without carbs.

That's just like the girls in high school who were always like, "Ew, there's too much fat in there!" Really? Do you realize that you need fat to live? Not every fat is created equal. For example, fat from an animal is gross, filled with hormones and no living nutrients, but take an avocado, which is a living food, and it's filled with healthy nutritious fats.

Same goes for carbs. Refined sugar and bleached white wheat are two very disturbing products. I mean, would you even consider bleaching your food before eating it? I mean, you're not even supposed to ingest bleach let alone put it on your food. What crazy person even thought of this, and why do people accept this as the "norm"?

But on the other hand, if you soak some buckwheat or any other grain that's not wheat, you have yourself a healthy grain. Even rice is super healthy as long as it's not stripped of its nutrients like the white kind has been.

I don't understand how society can even think like this. Our bodies need fat to store for energy. Our bodies need carbs to make energy. We need these things to survive. You just have to be careful of what source they're coming from.

Not all carbs are created equal. Neither are protein or fats.

And certainly neither are calories.

Calories is the biggest thing that annoys me.

"I can't eat that. It contains too many calories."

Um, hate to break it to you, but you need calories to survive.

Let's take an example here. I'm going to make up the calories. Let's take a piece of fruit, say a banana, and a brownie. Say the two each equally had 100 calories.

Which is healthier?

Well, the brownie consists of bleached flour, refined sugar, saturated fats, preservatives, and whatever the hell else comes with brownies. Considering the temperature its baked at, there are likely to be zero nutrients left in the food. The wheat, which did have nutrients to begin with, was bleached to death and baked to the point where all living enzymes and nutrients died off. The sugar was super processed to the point all living nutrients were destroyed. And the butter, which in its raw state is chock full of live nutrients, is pasteurized to death so it makes it a bad choice for nutrients.

Take the banana, which has not been cooked or tampered with, and you're loaded with all essential nutrients like potassium and whatnot.

Make sense?

Most cooking destroys all our nutrients in food. This is why processed foods which go through various steps like bleaching, steaming, boiling, and chemical baths, are stripped of all nutrients. You stick your cooked meal in the ground and it rots. Take a living vegetable or fruit and things grow.

This is why I love the idea of raw foods because when you eat a cooked/processed diet, you are unable to fill your bodies need of nutrients because well, there aren't any there.

But if you eat a diet full of vegetables, fruits, seeds, beans, nuts, and grains, you can successfully receive all those nutrients your body needs.

This is why the SAD is filled with disease and problems. Everyone is gourging on food that has no nutrients so instead of fueling the body, it rots inside the body because there's zero purpose of it being there. Okay, I lied. It feeds your body, but only with toxins.

With a raw diet, your body can receive nutrients that supply your body with what its asking for and instead of getting diseases, it fights off diseases.

Now am I telling you to go 100% raw? Absolutely not. Even when I decide to make the change to raw, I will not eat 100% raw because I will listen to my body. I will most likely occasionally cook soups and certain vegetables, but I will not eat a 100% cooked/processed diet.

And besides, vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, and nuts can be grown. If you have a huge garden full of this stuff, you'd save yourself 100 of dollars every month on food that only deteriorates your body.


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