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Anorexia: Hunger Pains & Bones

Alright, those of you that have been following for a while shall know that I suffer from the inability to gain weight or my unmotivation to gain weight shall I say. I'm not anorexic nor have I ever been. On the other hand, I've personally witnessed one of my best friends fall into anorexia, but she overcame it.

If I didn't have my boyfriend, though, I'm pretty sure I would've fallen into anorexia, but he's been my motivation to keep going.

What I would like to discuss though, is how it feels becoming skinny. As in what happens to your body. Maybe those who are anorexic dismiss these signals, but when you become grossly skinny and hardly eat, things change.

I'd like to say that I'm a light eater, which isn't good for me, but over the years, all the stress I've burdened has caused this to me. I get so sick to my stomach from stress of life and my parents. This in return makes me stop eating because I do not think about eating nor do I care sometimes.…

Sex in YA Books: Does it bother you?

Out of my own curiosity, I'm wondering whether anyone thinks it's weird when there's sex in a YA book. I mean, it's meant for teenagers to read, even those that are as young as 12! One of the biggest books out there that I could discuss well on this topic is good ole' Twilight. Now I'm not here to rant about it; I'm here to discuss this topic.

I think that book went a little over the top for portraying teenage angst. I mean, YA books are geared towards those in middle school and high school, but I clearly remember my whole middle school reading it. Now doesn't that seem kinda weird, considering Bella was begging Edward to have sex with her half the time? I'm not bashing the book because obviously Meyers did something right because hell, she's famous now!

I just find it very uncomfortable that most authors are okay with having young little girls read books about sex.

However, it's very different when it's portrayed correctly. I l…

Taking Care of Your Skin

It seems quite interesting to me that in this day and age, people act like they know a lot about taking care of themselves, yet when I try to understand them, they fail to understand the true meaning of health.

And that's why I created this blog. To help those people like you who are searching for the truth.

Yes, you can search the web for hours and hours trying to find this stuff, but honestly, it's hard to find. Not everyone knows how to truly take care of themselves. But I don't blame you. We weren't taught these things in school. We were only taught these long algabraeic bullcrap things that do not pertain to our lives, things we will never use nor see again.

Why do they teach us pointless stuff? To keep you distracted from the real things in life.

They teach us about cancer, war, and how to be "healthy", but they do not teach us all the true things about them.

Like does anyone else think it's odd that cancer is on the rise? We're supposed to be an adv…

Gaining Weight: If only

So as most of you know, I've been trying my best to gain weight, considering I'm extremely skinny. And by extremely skinny, I mean, my hip bones pop out and my joints are suffering from malnutrition. It's a case many girls face in this nation.

And I've figured out why I've gotten this skinny and why I can't dig my way out.

Well, at the beginning of my freshman year of high school, my mother put me through extreme hell. She forced me to play volleyball, on a team with a bunch of backstabbing girls who attempted to steal my boyfriend in 8th grade. So I would come home every single day and ball my eyes out because she made me hate my life. How could a mother force her child to live through hell? Sometimes I swear she's bipolar. I would literally cry my eyes out at my boyfriend's grandmother's house all the time, and I wanted to quit so badly. But my mom threated me, telling me that if I quit, I wouldn't be allowed to see my boyfriend.

So then came the…

Healthy yet not so healthy

Okay, it's rant time.

I absolutely hate when people "think" they're being healthy but their diet is not healthy whatsoever. I always hear people say, "It's low-carb, so it must be healthy!" Um, no. It's really not. Sorry to burst your little bubble there, but you need carbs to live! You can't go without carbs.

That's just like the girls in high school who were always like, "Ew, there's too much fat in there!" Really? Do you realize that you need fat to live? Not every fat is created equal. For example, fat from an animal is gross, filled with hormones and no living nutrients, but take an avocado, which is a living food, and it's filled with healthy nutritious fats.

Same goes for carbs. Refined sugar and bleached white wheat are two very disturbing products. I mean, would you even consider bleaching your food before eating it? I mean, you're not even supposed to ingest bleach let alone put it on your food. What crazy person…

PMS & Acne: Processed foods vs. All-Natural foods

PMS & Acne are the two worst combinations ever. I don't care who says otherwise.

But does anyone find it weird that we are the only creatures that bleed every month?

All other animals do not have periods. Their uterus lining gets reabsorbed instead of shedded like ours every month. Why are they different?

Well, I have a few ideas. Diets, is the major suspicion in my ideas. I mean, look at what all those wild animals are eating. Food from nature. Nothing that's been processed or effed with by some FDA. Their produce isn't GMO, and they sure as hell don't spray pesticides on their grass. And they make it just dandy without all that sh!t.

So why do we need it? The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of mostly fast food, processed foods, and GMO produce. Do you see anything wrong with that?

Because back in the day, everyone grew their own produce and made everything from scratch. Along with that, cancer was not commonly heard of.

Back to the current time, cancer is well kn…

My Experience in Healing Rosacea & Acne: Bentonite Clay

So I've never really discussed my regime I use for my face, or actually what I used to use on my face. Am I confusing you already? Good. Because now you shall read on.

Most of you already know I have rosacea. It was very bad to begin with. There's a photo on one of my posts showing the pure redness across my nose and chin. Along with that, I had so many pimples and lots of cystic acne.

Now what do I think caused it? My overabuse of my skin using commercial products. My last post I tried to explain why these face washes are terrible for our skin. I mean, who wants to slatherPPG 15 Stearyl Ether all over their face? They use it in face wash, so why not? Would you still put it on your face, considering its a toxin? I sure as hell wouldn't. So what makes you think that face wash is safe.

Oh yeah, cause the big ole' FDA claims so. Well, guess what? The FDA doesn't give two f*cks about your acne. They need you to develop that acne in order to make them money through the Pha…