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Constipation: New Threat

It's been a long time since I've posted. (Shame on me.) Life has been pretty good but it's also been confusing. But what I love most is sharing with you guys the new things in life I learn that the media and doctors won't tell you. Yes, I'm one of those kinds of people. I don't believe anything the media tells me and distrust doctors, because believe it or not, their sole purpose is to make money. Am I right or am I wrong?

I find it very funny that our society still trusts their doctors to the very core of their life. Yes, doctors can be very helpful in serious situations, but when it comes to our health, we must take full responsibility.

I read on someone's blog the other day how doctor's in the 70s and 80s used to tell pregnant mothers that it was unhealthy or even dangerous to breastfeed your children. (Really? Really? And we believed them?) They prefered mother's to drink their concoctions called formula, which has all types of chemicals known to man in them. (No thanks!) They also told pregnant women that it was unhealthy to gain weight. I am just baffled by this. We still seriously trust them after they fed us lies like this? (I am trying to find the blog that talked abou this but can't find it currently.)

It wouldn't surprise me if they really did tell us this because it still follows women to this day and age where they believe breastfeeding is bad. They tell us through TV shows that its disgusting, just like I remember on MTV, though I can't remember which show it was, (maybe it was 16 & Preganant?) one of the girls said breastfeeding was gross. Way to place the thought of breastfeeding as gross towards young teen girls and guys for the matter.

Now I know, I know. A lot of women really do breastfeed, probably more than the average was back a few decades ago. And I know, some women, seriously cannot breastfeed. Sometimes, the child may have lip or tongue ties and cannot fully latch onto their mother. It's understandable. But I hate when stupid young teen moms are like "ew, it'll make my breasts saggy." Bitch, please. You shouldn't have sex then.

*Rant over*

I just had to get that off my chest. Let's move on to the topic I was planning on in the first place. I am 99.9% sure that I know what has caused my constipation. But let me veer off to a little time back. About a few months ago, I had a kidney stone attack. It almost felt like PMS. I was cramping. My head felt light. But I wasn't on my period...And stupid me decided to go shopping with my parents that day. Bad idea. Halfway through shopping, I started to feel very sick. I had cold chills, and my face was pale. I felt sick as hell, and I had a gnawing pain on the left side of my abdomen. I went home and researched, finding that all my symptoms sounded like a kidney stone. How lucky was I?

So then I started looking up how to get rid of them. The number one way doctors suggest is surgery. No thank you. Too painful. But I kept looking, and I found a solution: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. And it must be Raw because it retains all the nutrients. Luckily I had some, and I mixed it with some cranberry juice. By the next day, I felt way better. So I kept taking it, and the pain went away all together. Here I am a few months later, and I still haven't had pain, so I assume it's dissolved.

Now back to the real topic. My ongoing constipation. It's been a very puzzling thing. I tried everything, and I mean everything to get rid of it. I ate more fiber in fruit form. I drank more liquids. I even supplemented psyllium husk. And the worst part is, along with my constipation, I have this horrible gnawing pain under my rib cage, that gets so bad that I want to puke. And it occurs every single morning and has for the past 6 months.

Well, once school was over, my constipation went away, although I had no change in diet. And guess what, so did my gnawing pain! Well, what sucks for me, it just came back a few days ago. And so did my constipation.

I thought for the longest time that my horrible stomach pains were caused my an intolerance to gluten or some food. I cut out gluten for a week. Nothing. I cut out certain foods here and there. Still nothing.

But I've been researching nonstop. And I think I found my answer. Gallstones. Gallstones are those hard crystals that are in your gallbladder that form from cholesterol. And their are two forms of attacks. Mine are the less severe ones. A gallstone has been getting trapped in one of my ducts, causing me to be constipated and causing me those horrible ongoing stomach pains. Who knew? The second kind is when your gallbladder empties, deflating it like a balloon and the walls of your gallbladder come in contact with the stones. This then in return irritates the lining and causes severe pain for long periods of hours. And it mostly happens after eating high contents of fat.

How do you know if its a gallstone? Well the pain, is right underneath your ribcage, and it's mostly in the center or on the right side. Constipation usually occurs with it. To me, it's felt like my stomach has been crushed by somebody's grip. And its the most wrenching pain you've ever experienced, and it almost feels like you're going to puke, but I never have, yet some people do. One time I got very close to getting sick while I was driving, but thankfully, I didn't.

How do you get rid of them? Well, there's surgery. No thank you, for me. I'd rather keep my vital organs and get rid of the actual problem at hand rather than remove the problem. The second option is dissolving them. Bet the doctors never tell you this one. (Which is why I distrust doctors because they always recommend their procedures, surgery, which will cost tons of money and put you in severe pain, rather than tell you cheap, easy, and painless remedies that they can't profit from) Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Yup, just like I used to dissolve my kidney stone. And I was using it religiously a while back, the same time that my constipation and pain disappeared.

Constipation Be Gone!


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