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Baking Soda: My Miracle Go-To

So things have been getting better since I last posted. I finally finished my book and have sent it out to an editor! This is very exciting for me because this book has been my entire life. For the past three years, I dedicated all of my time to this dearest project of mine, instead of you know drinking and partying like all the other kids. It makes me feel good to know that I've used my time wisely rather than harming my liver.

IAnd 've found some comfort my stomach problems: Baking Soda. I add it to my juice everyday about 3 times a day, and I've found it makes my stomach feel so much better and makes my juice taste even better! And it also helps with constipation :) Well, to an extent. But it helps.

Which has got me thinking...Is the whole body alkalinity thing true? Does disease thrive in our bodies when our bodies are acidic? I mean, all America eats is animal protein, dairy, and processed crap which are the most acidic foods EVER. Could that play a part in the millions of diseases that run rampart through our nation? I mean, I don't believe it's the sole reason. But maybe it's the reason raw diets work. But if you're too raw, you're body becomes too alkaline and that's not a good thing either. Their needs to be balance.

I believe the alkalinity thing to an extent. I mean, it really does make sense. Most raw foods turn alkaline in your body, and when your body is alkaline, you absorb nutrients and detoxify all toxins. And what makes me believe this is because plants do this. A plant will die if it's not alkaline. So why wouldn't the same apply for us?

Yeah, yeah. They're plants and we're humans. But so what? Who cares. We are both creations of this earth with similar structures like our respiratory systems and whatnot. If a plant is too acidic it begins to die off. Do you not see this happening in America? Have you not noticed how ever since the generations broke away from homemade foods, we've begun dying at earlier ages? Our grandparents are not living anywhere close to their grandparents.

And how can you tell me that nutrition does not play a part when old couples die around the same time? Didn't they eat the same exact meals for 90% of their life? Are the clocks in your head starting to turn and kick off dust?

And it's really funny how doctors get really defensive over the alkaline thing. I mean, who wouldn't when something so simple can jeopardize your million dollar business? Wouldn't you be pissed off if your competition only costed around $1, ahem, Baking Soda. Wouldn't you be pissed if people no longer bought all the drugs and started eating nature's food instead? I mean, hell, I would be. But I'm not an ass hole.

And why am I the only one who ever questioned the Don't Do Drugs and wondered why prescriptions don't count. I mean, they're titled DRUGS for Godsake, come on! And they're not that great of inventions. I see my family fall into the viscious trap all the time. They get a little cold, and they pop some pills. It still doesn't work three days later, YET they're still popping the pills. Come on, if it's not going to work the first day, it's not going to work 10 days later. When I used to take medication when my parents forced me to, I'd have a cold for months, now they rarely last a week. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe it's because I don't have drugs circulating my body preventing me from healing. Plus, if they don't work, people keep buying them hoping they'll work. Do you see a pattern here? Does the word profit ring in your head?

And how can drugs be good for you when kids overdose on them all the time. It's a huge huge problem in our school. How can you tell me drugs are safe when they can kill people?

I love the song "Shot Heard "Round the World" by Disciple, and one of their lyrics fits perfect what I'm trying to say:  These medicines are just poisons by another name.

Have you ever tried to pronounce that little name on the back of cold medicine? I don't even know what the fuck that word is or any of the words on drugs. Why should I ingest something that I don't know anything about? Just because a doctor tells me to? Do you take me for an idiot? They could be giving me arsenic for all the hell I know.

 Man, this society angers me sometimes.

And don't get me started on that gun control bullshit.
I have a picture for that to explain all my words.

Well, have any comments?  Bring them on.


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