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Zzzz....Boring Books.

I must say, the more and more I look at the beginning of books; the more and more I become angry. I find it so sickening to read a book's beginning and it starts out like this: I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere OR There was once a dream.

AH, makes me want to rip my freaking hair out! Why do authors feel the need to tell in the openings of their book??? Why????

I don't know about you but it agravates me quite a bit. After spending three years on my book, I realized how hard it is to be an author/aspiring author. And these jerks are throwing out books like this? Did they not edit their own book or something? I mean, you have to have really compelling/lyrical writing to tell a book instead of show. Some authors can perfect it (usually for only their first book or two) and most people fail at it.

Would you rather read this beginning?
The sun had began to rise, and I knew my time was up. I had to make a decision now, or I'd never leave this town. So I gathered my …

Baking Soda: My Miracle Go-To

So things have been getting better since I last posted. I finally finished my book and have sent it out to an editor! This is very exciting for me because this book has been my entire life. For the past three years, I dedicated all of my time to this dearest project of mine, instead of you know drinking and partying like all the other kids. It makes me feel good to know that I've used my time wisely rather than harming my liver.

IAnd 've found some comfort my stomach problems: Baking Soda. I add it to my juice everyday about 3 times a day, and I've found it makes my stomach feel so much better and makes my juice taste even better! And it also helps with constipation :) Well, to an extent. But it helps.

Which has got me thinking...Is the whole body alkalinity thing true? Does disease thrive in our bodies when our bodies are acidic? I mean, all America eats is animal protein, dairy, and processed crap which are the most acidic foods EVER. Could that play a part in the millio…

Life Falls Apart

Lately, I feel like my world is just falling apart. I already struggle with being very skinny to the point where my bones stick out and my body hurts when I lay down. I deal with constipation even though I get lots of fiber and drink tons of liquid.

But to add to that, I found out I have acid reflux which causes me to be extremely sick every morning because my stomach acid is climbing up towards my throat, and it's been happening for four years now. But it's just getting worse.

Maybe I brought this upon myself, but I don't know.

I find it hard to get enough sleep or have enough energy to even be happy.

And school doesn't help. It's a world of depression on its own.

And when I try to find answers, there's just too much black and white to ever find one.

I've looked into so many things. Maybe it's an intolerance to dairy. Maybe it's not. Maybe I'm eating too much processed junk. Maybe I'm not eating the way I should. But when it all falls apart, it …