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The Secrets to Health Begin with the Colon

Okay, I know, I know. I missed today's post. Today was the second day of my job, so that's kinda why.

But to make it up to you, I really want to dive into the topic of colon health.

I've been reading about it for quite a good while, so my opinions are all made up and good to go.

Well, all of you should know that the colon is part of the digestive tract, right? I hope you do cause I didn't. But that's beside the point.

But let me ask you a few questions first. They may be kind of personal, but they're important, and you only have to answer them in your head.

Do you have bowel movements at least 3 times a day? Do you often have constipation? Do you take in the daily requirements for fiber? Is your diet filled with meat? Do you drink lots of (purified/filtered/distilled) water throughout the day?

Well if you answer, no, yes, no, yes, no, then let me tell you, your colon is probably bad.

Let me explain it for you. We eat to live, and what our bodies cannot benefit from the food, we get rid of (especially toxins). If you aren't getting rid of it, it's just rotting inside your colon, making your colon a toxic wasteland. And no don't take this the wrong way, but meat doesn't digest well at all in our bodies. I'm not trying to be one of those nagging vegetarian that tries to tell you how to eat and live, but I'm just warning you that the American diet sucks. We consume far too much meat and processed foods. Both are toxic filled, and then that affects our colons.

When you eat a diet rich in fiber from fruits especially, it makes it easier on your digestive tract to eliminate that waste, making your stools softer. But if you don't drink enough water, it cannot move through your digestive system and be eliminated. A happy, healthy colon eliminates waste at least 3 times a day. Isn't it better to get all the waste/toxins out sooner rather than later?

Now what are the symptoms of a toxic colon?
Well here are some of them:
And many many more...

The one that hit me was acne. It makes so much sense to me. If acne didn't occur when we were first born, then why are taking meds for this? Obviously something is wrong inside our body to make this happen, so why cover things up with medication? This goes for inflammation and pain, and basically all our health problems in today's world. If it wasn't there to begin with, what makes us believe medication can get rid of the problem?

All of these symptoms are our bodies way of alerting us that something is wrong inside us, and when we don't fix what's wrong inside of us, our bodies get worse.

Take this one into consideration: Why do you think old people get so weak and ill fast?
Well, there's one thing we need to look into: their eating habits. If you don't fuel your body with the proper foods, our bodies cannot function properly. When we begin to eat loads of toxic filled processed foods and fast food, how can our bodies survive on that? We are doing so much damage to ourselves that it is ridiculous. But those that eat fruits and vegetables, and lots of raw things, are fueling their body. If you're fueling your body, why would it begin to deteriorate on the inside? Why would cancer form if we are feeding ourselves properly. Well, that's because in this day and age, we live on the worst diet possible.

In fact, I read in my history book in school, back to the Vietnam War, and take this into consideration: Agent Orange caused cancer throughout Vietnam and veterans. And do you know what Agent Orange is? If you guessed a toxin, then you are absolutely correct! And if toxins create cancer, and if we feed our bodies with processed/fast foods, what do you think will happen? Remember, toxins create cancer.

And if our colons are toxic, it'll spread to the areas around it, like the cervix and the prostate. And think about, those are very common cancers.

And if radiation causes cancer, why do we treat cancer patients with it? You're just killing off all the good cells in order to rid of the bad ones. And if you ate properly in the first place and got rid off all those toxins, cancer would be impossible.

So what's the key to good colon health? Lots of purified water and lots of fiber. No, really! That's it.

If you can tolerate it, it would be most beneficial to go on a green smoothie fast for a few days. I would seriously love to do one, but I can't afford to lose weight because I'm so skinny. But there are some side effects to detoxing because toxins will be released into your system and make you feel like crap until they are eventually all gone.

Man, that was a lot of writing! I'm not sure if I missed anything, but I don't think I did.
Any questions, thoughts, or comments?


  1. so true! i don't know what else to say haha... i very much like your blog. interesting topics.


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