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The Query Process

Yesterday, I began querying my novel which I fully completed Friday. Some of you whom have been following for a while already know a little about it. Well, it's a young adult science fiction, but that's all you get to know for now unless I post my query.

Well, anyways, I haven't queried a novel since summer, and I forgot how nerve-wrecking this truly is! I just received my first rejection (not a big deal since there's millions of agents out there), and it made me sick to my stomach. It's weird. I wonder how many agents I will truly have to go through before I find the one. (I'll try and keep records for those of you, like me, who like to know stats of queries.)

So far, since yesterday, I have sent out 5 queries and received a rejection within one day. I'm just happy they got back to me fast. It's better than waiting weeks on end before receiving a rejection.

I just hate the thought that my query isn't good enough or my writing isn't up to par. I mean, I worked on this book for a year and four months, and I feel like it's the best it can be. But there's just something in my gut wanting to tell me otherwise.

With the novel I sent out over the summer, I only got rejections on it, but I understand why. I never understood the true meaning of editing with that novel, and plus, my 16-year-old writing showed through like a neon sign. But I feel as if I've conquered the editing process with my new novel, and I've mastered my writing skills even if I'm only seventeen.

I just keep telling myself they'll love it, but the querying process sucks! I have never been one for patience.

Anyways, do any of you have anything you'd like to share about queries?

P.S. I accidentally sent a query without a synopsis and hurried up and sent another with it. Has anyone else ever done something like that from being so nervous? I hope it doesn't kill my chances.


  1. The first couple weeks of querying are always the worst. Don't worry about the mess up with the synopsis - I don't think the agent will really be upset (unless its a grumpy agent.) Good luck and hope you get good news!

    1. Thanks! I'll keep you guys updated if anything exciting happens.

  2. I once sent a query and forgot to put in the chapters! Sent it again with the chapters...was rejected, but hey, it's all experience!
    The best thing with writing is that everything gains you experience and you learn. Things I wrote ten years ago and queried, and were rejected, are now my current WIP and I'm loving the editing. I've learned so much and can write so much better, so hopefully this one will be better by the time I've finished with it!
    Good luck with your querying.

    1. I honestly think that editing is so much fun! Like I love writing, but oh my, editing is where I get the most out of my novel. I've actually edited my novel quite a bit more since I wrote this post, which hell, was a long time ago. I just finished it finished about a month ago, and it's off with an editor! No agent, though, but oh well, at least the editor will actually give me feedback!

      This shows how much I edited my book. It stared at 44 thousand words, and it's now to this day 108 thousand!

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