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Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

I'm sorry to all my viewers who were looking forward to new posts. Our computer crashed, and we were without it for a while. I hope none of you are too disappointed.

To make it up to you guys, I have a new recipe I developed yesterday.

Vegetable Stir Fry

Green Beans
Can of Black Beans (or whatever you prefer)
Dry Seasonings (Garlic Powder, Sugar, Salt, Basil leaves, and Pepper)
Apple Cider Vinegar (Can be ommited)
About 2 tbsp. Olive oil (Or vegetable oil, but olive oil tastes best)

Make sure your vegetable are fresh, not canned!


First, put your olive oil in a skillet. Then, add seasonings and apple cider vinegar, as much as you prefer, depending on your taste. Add your green beans and saute on medium heat, covered, (make sure to stir every once in a while) until golden. Lower the heat and add your kale, then cover. If skillet looks dry, add more olive oil at this time. Now cut up your garlic, onions, & tomato and add them once kale wilts. R…

Writer's Block: An Author's Worst Enemy

First of all, I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping up-to-date with my blog. With Easter and whatnot, I kinda forgot I had one.

Lately, I've been coming up with amazing ideas for stories, but every time I try to start one, I can't get past the first page. It's like I can't get myself into the writing mode. I mean, I just completely finished my Sci-Fi novel not too long ago; everything about it is done. But now I can't get into the rhythm of writing another story. I'm not sure whether to start the next one or start on something completely new.

And every time I do get to the end of that first page, I get writer's block. I never believed in writer's block because if you do, you'll end up with it all the time. But now it's like I'm cursed. Every single story I write, I end up unable to move forward through it. It's like I'm so focused on the one I finished that I can't start up anything new.

I've never had trouble startin…

Lentil Burgers.

Since I missed yesterday's post, I'm deciding to link to this recipe that looks amazing. I'm going to try it sometime in the next few days when I get the chance. But with all the great reviews, I think it'll be good.

Here it is. If you get the chance to try it before me, tell me how it is. I love lentils so I'm definitely mouth-watering over these right now!

Will update when I fix it!

Next Big Genre?

I've been thinking lately about what the new next big bestseller will be, but quite frankly, I don't see how in the world anyone can figure that out. I know agents always say to look at what's selling in the market, but how am I, as a reader, supposed to know this? I don't have the stats to say what's selling and what's not.

I mean, we went from Harry Potter to Twilight to the Hunger Games. For all I know the next big thing could be about a boy and his dog. Who knows.

I think this is the hardest thing about the business. Not knowing whether the book you have written is good enough to fit in the market and trying to market it. I find it hard enough to put a genre on a novel when not knowing exactly what each thing means. I marketed mine as a Sci-Fi but now I'm thinking I should've went with Sci-Fi romance. I mean, does it even really matter? I guess it does in their world, but how are we supposed to know our novels exact genre? And aren't they going …

The Query Process

Yesterday, I began querying my novel which I fully completed Friday. Some of you whom have been following for a while already know a little about it. Well, it's a young adult science fiction, but that's all you get to know for now unless I post my query.

Well, anyways, I haven't queried a novel since summer, and I forgot how nerve-wrecking this truly is! I just received my first rejection (not a big deal since there's millions of agents out there), and it made me sick to my stomach. It's weird. I wonder how many agents I will truly have to go through before I find the one. (I'll try and keep records for those of you, like me, who like to know stats of queries.)

So far, since yesterday, I have sent out 5 queries and received a rejection within one day. I'm just happy they got back to me fast. It's better than waiting weeks on end before receiving a rejection.

I just hate the thought that my query isn't good enough or my writing isn't up to par. …