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Alternatives to Feminine Products

Guys you should just leave this post immediately, if you haven't already figured that out.

Anyways, for all you ladies, I know what your reaction to the words alternatives to feminine products must be. You're cringing, aren't you?

Well, if I educated you a bit, maybe you wouldn't be cringing so much. And by the way, your face might stay like that forever so stop the hideous faces! I command you to stop!

Whew! Now that that's done, let's get on with some understanding here. Do you really know what's in your feminine products? Do you honestly, truly, full-heartedly know what's in them? Have you ever checked? Have you ever researched it?

I bet you not. Well let me tell you something. Wait a minute. I better take this slow because this will be hard for you to take in all at once. Let's just say feminine products could be harming you more than helping you.

And now you're saying, "But what am I supposed to do? Alternatives are gross!"
Well, let me tell you something, missy. I have used an alternative for over a few months now, and I've never had better, more manageable periods in my entire life.

Don't you hate when pads make you so sweaty it's uncomfortable? Don't you hate how it sticks to your skin? Isn't it odd that tampons can cause you to possibly die? Hasn't that ever made you think twice about using these things? If something can make you die, doesn't that ring it's highly toxic?

Yes, I said it. They are HIGHLY toxic, and they are being absorbed by one of our most precious bodily parts. Why are we putting this kind of misery on ourselves? Don't worry, I'm a victim of this too. I used those sinister things since I was 12, but I stopped when I turned 17 for good.

Have you ever wondered how tampons and pads get there superficial white color? Well, they are dipped in chemicals(basically bleached) to make them that way. Isn't that weird? I thought cotton was white to begin with, but no, they have to be super white, super "clean".

Well ladies, there's an alternative to all of this. There's hope for all of us, and it's not time consuming nor frustrating. It doesn't stick to your skin and make you fidget all day. It doesn't contribute to cancer.

It's called the Diva Cup, and it's the best thing I've ever used. I can tolerate my period now, and I swear on my life, I don't dread them anymore. And the best thing about it? You pay for one, and you can use it for years. Wait? You're saying ew? Oh, that's right. The mass media trained us to believe that our period is gross and disgusting. They trained us to believe in superficial hygiene.

Well, haven't we ever learned to wash/bathe? When our clothes get a little bit of blood on them, we don't just throw them away, now do we? No, we wash them, which in return kills all the germs. When the dog accidentally pees on the carpet, we don't rip away the carpet and throw it away, do we? No, we wash the carpet with a deep cleaning vacuum. Same goes for the Diva Cups.

They are comfortable. They are non-toxic. They are only $25 and need replaced only every 5 years. You clean them between periods. Best of all, my cramps have subdued from 3 days to 3 hours.

Look into them. They are lifesavers. Plus you save money and your life.


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