Sunday, March 2, 2014

Debunking Rosacea: Food Allergies

I've been researching rosacea for a long time now. About 5 years. I've been successful in not healing per say, but I have reduced the redness that occurs on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. There's a lot of factors to consider on what could cause your rosacea.

My biggest cause would be skin care products in the past. So I'm asking you, do you still use commercial face products? As in, do you buy your products at the store? Or even worse...the evil Proactiv. Which I am totally against for many reasons. I mean seriously, if you own that stuff, I dare you to figure out all the ingredients in it. Do you even realize what you're putting on your face? Things like oil, the very oil you put in your car? Why the hell would you put that on your face?

So why are you using it? Might as well dump gasoline on your face the next time you visit the gas station, am I right?

So your not using any commercial face products, none whatsoever. So what could be causing your rosacea to get worse?

Are you stressed out? To a degree I do believe this will create acne and worsen rosacea, but I don't think its the sole cause. Stress creates bad habits, like eating unhealthy foods and binge drinking on soda.

This then brings me to your diet. Do you eat a lot of processed foods? This could cause your problem. Almost all processed foods contain toxins of all sorts. This could stress your rosacea out so much. So maybe your not eating so bad? Maybe you eat a mostly from scratch diet.

Do you have any food sensitivities? It's more common than you'd think. And not everyone is born with them either. So how do we get these food sensitivities? Well, first of all, take a step back and look at your diet. Do you vary what you eat? Like rice, different grains, beans, nuts, and seeds?

Or do you eat the Standard American Diet?

Which consists of wheat, meat, and dairy at every meal.

And is very bad for many reasons. Too many for me to count.
Not are animals fed shit diets and loaded with antibiotics, which is so not good for your health, but wheat is being genetically modified to the point where its not actually the wheat from 50 years ago. This introduces a new protein that our ancestors never had, and in return creates problems for us because our bodies detect it as foreign. Like my body for example. I recently discovered I'm celiac.

I don't think its caused by the modification altogether, but it's also caused because that's all my family fed me as I grew up. Wheat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Can you blame your body for rejecting this crap? Your overloading yourself on it, for hell's sake! Too much of anything can be a bad thing.

And don't get me started on dairy. Which, I have to admit, I do still eat. So I can't talk too much crap on it, but why are we drinking milk that's created for a baby calf? I mean, seriously. Does this not freak anyone out, just a tad? Not even cows are meant to drink milk forever, so why do we need to drink it our entire lives?

Ahem. I think I got a little off topic there, but I think you understand where I'm going with this. Standard American Diet is way too heavy on these foods, and it's no wonder everyone is developing sensitives to them. Which in return inflames your body and could be the very cause of your rosacea.

I have yet to discover if it's the sole cause of mine, but I suspect it to be part of the cause. Two years ago, when my face started clearing up, I ate very healthy. I drank green smoothies every day and even cut back on wheat and dairy for weeks at a time. That's when I noticed my acne to disappear along with the redness to my rosacea.

In conclusion, I believe the top factors in our rosacea are diet and toxins. I honestly think its our body signaling to us that something has gone awry. Why else would be developing rosacea? It just doesn't pop out of nowhere like doctors want us to believe. Just like diseases. There's a cause and effect to everything in this life.

I hope you take some valuable information from this and slowly begin to heal your rosacea. I know how it feels. It's a long difficult process, but I am determined to kick this rosacea's ass.


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