Saturday, March 1, 2014

Celiacs: More Common Than Thought.

Hello, my lovely readers. I know I've been gone for a while, but I have some news to share with you. I've finally come across what's wrong with me. I'm a celiac.

Never heard of it?

Celiacs is a condition where your body sees gluten as threat, so in return, your body attacks it.

Yeah, it's not fun.

Last week, I went gluten free for five days and noticed tremendous differences.

My major concern disappeared: My constipation.

I literally tried everything from fiber to more water, but going gluten-free moved my flow in about two days.

I also noticed that gluten causes mucus to form in my throat, my stomach to swell, and my left leg to ache. 

 I'm also guessing that it causes my weight problems because it's inflamming my stomach and not allowing me to absorb nutrients.

So  could you be celiac?

Here's some things to ask yourself:

Are you full after barely eating much food? And I mean, full and bloated for literally hours? I once ate food and was bloated for three hours. Not fun.

Are you chronically constipated? Or have diahrea? Celiacs can cause either.

Do you lose weight for no reason? Or seem unable to gain weight no matter how much you eat?

Does your stomach hurt you for no reason? Every day?

There's a lot of other symptoms that come with celiacs and I have yet to figure out what else it has caused me.

After I went gluten-free for 5 days, I ate gluten on the 6th day. It didn't taste very good to me. It immediately caused mucus in my throat. Right now, I'm going on a minimum of a 2-week gluten-free diet. I worry that I could be wrong on these things, but with the relief I've felt, I know this is definitely what's wrong with me.

Which also reminded me of the days I would eat cake, or some really glutenous foods, and they would seem hard to swallow at times. I'm guessing that's a reaction as well.

If you just haven't been feeling well for a long time for no reason, you most likely have a food intolerance. And I advise you to do your research and cut out whatever you suspect to being doing your body harm.

Trust me, it'll make life so much better.

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