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Cavities: The Sugar Conspiracy

On my journey to remineralizing teeth, I've been looking at what truly causes decay. Of course what modern society theories tell us are always wrong. Such as: if you don't brush your teeth, you'll get a cavity!

That theory is so beyond wrong...

But then there's the same old mantra dentist always say: Sugar causes cavities.

Is this theory true? At first I thought it was bogus. I mean hell, I've been eating a pretty clean diet the last few years. Not very many junk foods, but I was still eating a high amount of sugar. Just no soda or excess amount of chocolates involved.

Now here's a little passage taken from:
"Sugar plays a harmful role in tooth decay. The bacteria that form together to become plaque use sugar as a form of energy."

Now I think that first sentence is kind of true. The second sentence I haven't entirely figured out if its true. On one hand, bacteria does not cause tooth decay. But does it ca…

Are Parasites Wreaking Havoc On Your Body?

By now, all of you should know that I suffer weight problems. Not the usual, "I can't lose weight!" But the total opposite, "I can't gain weight!"

I know most of you would die to have this problem, but what if the underlying problem I have is killing me, literally? Then would you want it? I sure as heck don't!

It bothers me how so many people comment on my weight. I'm 5'1 and weigh 93 pounds on a good day. It dips back and forth from 90 to 93 to 95, but I can never keep my weight steady. No, I do not have eating problems. No, it's not because of my vegetarianism. So many people out there are vegan. Hell, there's vegan bodybuilders out there that look incredible.

I actually lost an unexpected 15 pounds about five years ago before I went vegetarian. In a way, vegetarianism saved me because I seriously could not keep weight on.

But I need to take a step back even farther than this: to the place where I believe all my problems began. About five …