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Confessions of an Aspiring Author

Lately, I've been feeling pretty down. All I ever think about is becoming an author, but I'm afraid that my work won't live up to the standards I've set for myself. I have no other goals to accomplish. Only becoming an author. I did not go to college because I have no want/reason. If I went, I'd cause myself a load of depression that's un-needed.

I currently work at a movie theatre, but I feel like it takes up all my time. And customers are absolutely horrid. They're so rude, and I just can't handle it anymore. Plus, I know that if I continue working there, it won't get me anywhere in life. But if I quit, I'll have no job and my parents will flip.

I'd love to just focus on writing, especially if I get an agent, but even if that happens, I'm afraid things won't turn out as expected. That means I'd have to keep my job.

All these thoughts spin me into a whirl of depression, and I can't figure out how to get myself out.

I just wish I…

Healing Cavities: Is it possible?

Does it bother anyone else when the world says its impossible to heal cavities? I mean, we can heal every other part of our bodies, including bones, yet teeth cannot be saved?

But when we go to the dentist, all they want is our money, and if you even dare question them, they get very angry with you (and unprofessional!) and tell you there is no other way.

I smell something fishy with this situation. Someone telling me I can't possibly heal my own body. I mean drilling and filling your teeth only covers up the problem. It doesn't fix it.

And when your in my situation, where 6 of your teeth are beginning to decay, it makes you wonder why this is possible. If dental hygeine is at its best in this current day and age, then why are our teeth getting worse? If flouride is so damn spectacular, then why don't our teeth stay the same?

Obviously there's something we aren't being taught.

And that word is remineralization.

Our teeth are composed of minerals and vitamins.

When our bod…