Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rosacea & Acne: The All Natural Face

Since I last posted about make-up, I thought I'd share my lovely source of all natural makeup to everyone.

No, they did not tell me to review them. I am doing this by my own will, and they honestly have no clue I am.

I found Crystal through Etsy, a lovely site filled of people with honest talents. She introduced her make-up as all-natural and vegan. Now that to me is my kind of make-up. Something that doesn't harm my skin nor innocent animals? I'm in.

She has all types of stuff. Everything from foundation, concelear, eye shadows, eye liners, facial products, and even all-natural henna hair dye.

Her website is:

The site is presented beautifully. They even give you a little tidbit about toxins:
"Your body absorbs 65% of the chemicals you apply to it. Those chemicals go directly into your bloodstream. The average woman is exposed to over 100 chemicals before breakfast! How scary is that! The least anyone can do for themselves is to stop pouring chemicals on their face through unsafe cosmetics, by switching to a clean mineral product!" (Pulled from their The All Natural Face)

I couldn't have said that any better, but they nailed that one right on the head.

Some things I buy frequently from them is crystal deoderant (I shall post about commercial deoderants soon), henna hair dye, and foundation.

And they have so many different colors of foundation to choose from that it's almost impossible for them to not have your skin color.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that this stuff is not expensive whatsoever?

Yeah, and you thought all-natural stuff is pricey. Only in the stores it is because corporations know they can proft off you, especially when you aren't educated enough to know it's not really all that natural after all.

So go visit it, and stop being exposed to over 100 chemicals before breakfast!

P.S. I've been using her make-up for over a year now, and it does not make me break out whatsoever. You'll see through her small ingredient lists that she truly means business.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the with me! very useful site. I had issued with rosacea acne since 2 years and i have been using camphor oil and Lavender Essential Oil which are the best Natural Treatment for Rosacea!! Try these and you have cure in a month. Thanks and keep help every one!! @ Lisa