Monday, September 9, 2013

Brittle Nails: Nail Polish & Chemicals

Do you ever wonder why your nails are so brittle? They seem to break on everything. Get caught on your shirt or in your hair. Then you have to cut your nails yet again.

But it makes no sense. How do my nails get so weak?

Well, let's think about this for a minute. Do you wear nail polish quite often?

I'm guessing that's a yes because that's the main reason you're here, isn't it?

Well, let me tell you something. Many chemicals lurk in that little glass of nail polish. Many different ones for various reasons.

Like that special, "It dries it 60 seconds" Well, they forgot the "due to chemicals"

Isn't that so special after all? You're sacrificing your beauty for chemicals. YAY.

But my nail polish says toxic-free? Is this what you're saying?

Well, do you truly understand what toxic-free means. Void of all chemicals and toxins.

But I'm guessing you don't know each chemical and toxin by heart? So how do you know it's completely toxin free? Just because they "claim" it be so?

Well, you have to start learning that they can claim all they want, but if you don't do your job as a customer and research these ingredients, they can fool you all they want with fancy chemicals and whatnot. But how would you know? You've never looked at the ingredients have you?

Well, ingredients are important. I mean, they are going on your skin via your nail. Your nail absorbs everything. So if you are being ignorant to what's in that little vial of paint, then maybe you don't deserve strong nails.

Yes, I am being blunt. But it's the truth.

It's time we start educating ourselves and stop doing harmful things to our bodies.

I mean, you wouldn't jump off a bride just because everyone else is doing it, would you?

Not that chemicals serve as they only problem to brittle nails but so does poor nutrition. Eating a diet lacking real live nutrients can cause brittle nails.

Now start getting a real education! Not the one they feed you through school where nothing you learn is pertinent in life. Start making the change today.



  1. Thank you! I'm glad someone's saying it. I unfortunately use toxic nail polish because it's cheap {I know I need to balance that argument with future hospital bills}, but I try to give my fingernails frequent rests, too.

    1. It's alright. I used to use nail polish all the time. But I stopped altogether a few years ago because it started doing weird things to my nails. I was actually looking into organic nail polish the other day and thought about using it every once in a great while to balance out the cost a little. That sh*t is expensive. Like $10 dollars a bottle. Oh my. That's why I just don't wear any nail polish, as of right now. lol

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