Friday, August 23, 2013

Sex in YA Books: Does it bother you?

Out of my own curiosity, I'm wondering whether anyone thinks it's weird when there's sex in a YA book. I mean, it's meant for teenagers to read, even those that are as young as 12! One of the biggest books out there that I could discuss well on this topic is good ole' Twilight. Now I'm not here to rant about it; I'm here to discuss this topic.

I think that book went a little over the top for portraying teenage angst. I mean, YA books are geared towards those in middle school and high school, but I clearly remember my whole middle school reading it. Now doesn't that seem kinda weird, considering Bella was begging Edward to have sex with her half the time? I'm not bashing the book because obviously Meyers did something right because hell, she's famous now!

I just find it very uncomfortable that most authors are okay with having young little girls read books about sex.

However, it's very different when it's portrayed correctly. I love when books wait for the main characters to actually fall in love in order to have sex, and the scene is brief. And I love when the scene hints to it, but doesn't say it.

One good example would be Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. It's not like she just started out their relationship and boom, they're doing it! She waited page after page, until the very end when they developed love for each other. Now to me, that's an art. Character building is very hard to do in stories. You have to pace it very well in order for it to work out. You must build those relationships, and Maggie is definitely capable of doing so.

Now, on the other hand, Meyer's rushed their relationship. Edward and Bella's love could've been extra beautiful if it weren't for the fact they were swooning over other from day 1. I mean, I know there's love at first sight; I've experienced it. She just made it a wee bit overdramatic to my taste.

I feel like Meyers should've aimed her book more towards those in college. Now that would've worked. I just don't like that it's aimed towards young girls because then they develop the wrong idea about love.

This leads me to the one thing I've been wanting to share. In my book, about an otherworldly being and human girl falling in love, it's basically impossible for them to have sex. So instead, I focus on the real part of the relationship because I don't believe in relationships based off sex. I know many teen couples my age whose love is based off sex, and all of those relationships fail. Do you know why? Because once that spark is over, they don't even know how to communicate with one another. You're supposed to fall in love with each other's personalities before you get that serious. So this is why I believe my book is much different than most YA books. How many YA books about romance do you know that don't include sex? From the ones I've read, I hardly know any! So I hope this helps my book sell well because it's sending out good theme: Falling in love doesn't require sex.

So here's the question for you to answer: Does sex in YA books bother you? Why or why not?

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