Sunday, August 4, 2013

PMS & Acne: Processed foods vs. All-Natural foods

PMS & Acne are the two worst combinations ever. I don't care who says otherwise.

But does anyone find it weird that we are the only creatures that bleed every month?

All other animals do not have periods. Their uterus lining gets reabsorbed instead of shedded like ours every month. Why are they different?

Well, I have a few ideas. Diets, is the major suspicion in my ideas. I mean, look at what all those wild animals are eating. Food from nature. Nothing that's been processed or effed with by some FDA. Their produce isn't GMO, and they sure as hell don't spray pesticides on their grass. And they make it just dandy without all that sh!t.

So why do we need it? The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of mostly fast food, processed foods, and GMO produce. Do you see anything wrong with that?

Because back in the day, everyone grew their own produce and made everything from scratch. Along with that, cancer was not commonly heard of.

Back to the current time, cancer is well known and many diseases are prevalent to this world.

Do you see the difference here? Processed vs All-Natural.

Now I know, I know, it's hard to compare animals to humans when cycles are refered to as completely different things. But in a way, it makes you wonder why we have periods and other species don't.

But hear me out, I'll explain this.

Why would the human body need to get rid of something that's needed? Why wouldn't it just reabsorb it like most mammals? I mean, instead of making a new lining every month via shedding, why isn't put back? Does anyone see something wrong with this idea? Don't you think there's something wrong with the lining that's making our bodies dispose of it, such as toxins? And since we ingest toxins on a daily basis, doesn't it seem likely that it could harm a baby? And why wouldn't our bodies, as females, try to rid of all those toxins if toxins are harmful to the baby?

Are you seeing the big picture here?

I'm trying my best to persuade you and explain this, but I'm probably not being clear enough. So why don't you visit this post by another blogger who explains it even more in depth:

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