Friday, July 26, 2013

The Writing World: Criticism

So I've been reading a lot about Twilight lately. No, this isn't a bash on Twilight; it's the opposite. I'm bashing those who bash the book. I'm not saying I'm the biggest fan of Twilight or that I even love the books. In some way, they hold a place in my heart because I read them as a teen, trying to make my way through middle school.

It was the exact type of novel I needed to make life better when reality wasn't.

The one thing that highly pisses me off is the fact that people get super upset over the fact that Meyer's refuses to accept criticism.

Hm...let's think about that for one moment here. If someone criticized the thing in life you loved most, how would you feel? Wouldn't you be pissed off. That's like people saying you suck at life. Harsh much. Yes.

I may not love the series, but I have enough respect to shut my mouth. And anytime I do speak my opinion, I would never blatanly call an author stupid or anything in the likes. That just makes me look like a terrible person, and for me wanting to become an author, why would any agent want to represent me?

Of course, I do believe I am allowed to say the series had great potential. Major potential in that case. But, the only thing I dislike is that she sold out on the 4th book for money; that's the one thing I can never agree with on another author.

And you know what, all of this talking about Twilight is making Meyer's more famous than she could expect.

I feel for her not wanting to know that people hated her novel so much. It was a part of her life. And when/if my book gets published, I'll probably take my first criticism very hard. The only difference I'll try and make is taking those criticisms for better. Hell, if someone writes a parody of my book, I'd be glad to read it! It just better as hell be written well!

PS. I couldn't imagine people coming up to me at signings, telling me my book was a mistake or something along that line. How do you respond to crap like that? "Oh, it's okay, you're making me famous anyways?" lol.

Meyer's might not be my cup of tea, but if I become an author one day, I don't want a bad rep as the hater of a most loved series. Everyone has their dreams, and she lived them. Kudos to her for being famous.

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