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Birth Control: Is it really necessary?

Over the years, I have always pondered over birth control. I feel like it's a very gray-matter subject.

From such a young age, girls are taught from the beginning that you can get pregant at anytime. So the drug companies present us with all their little fancy products that costs us tons of money. One of those being birth control, which also presents us with a load of side effects. Now you're telling me you want to take a little pill every single day that might just give you a heart attack? Or you can take the one that makes you have fewer periods. Yeah, now that's healthy. I mean, your body made you have periods for a reason, and now you're ridding of them all together for the sake of it being easier on yourself.

Oh, or you could get something put into your uterus. That stays there for weeks at a time. And could possibly get implanted in there and have to be surgically removed. No thanks.

But how in the world is it possible for girls to get pregnant every single day o…

Gluten is the Enemy!

So it's been quite a long time since I've blogged about anything, and well, I have life to blame for that one. I've been going through a load of depression lately, and it just never seems to get better. I blame school for it mainly, especially since it's ruined my life so much.

I don't remember if I told you guys this or not, but for the past four years, I've had horrible stomach problems and post nasal drip. I always thought the post nasal drip caused my horrible stomach pains every morning because I have so much mucus in the morning that I have no other option that to try and get it out. It's super hard to explain how I do it. It's almost like the opposite of swallowing, which I'm pretty sure causes my acid reflux to kick up since I'm basically brining everything up my throat. But it sucks because I have to, or I basically almost choke on the mucus. And it's become a habit that I can't stop because the mucus just will not go away.