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High Metabolism...

Do you guys remember how I'm always complaining about my weight. Of course you do. It's all I complain about.

And I've been researching and researching and researching, but nothing every comes up. I find answers that don't work and ones that make no sense at all.

I can eat so much food in one sitting it's disgusting. But I think I'm starting to understand why I can't gain weight. Maybe.

Well, here, let me explain a little. While I'm a work, I usually munch on popcorn throughout my shift because I work at a movie theatre, and it's too hard to resist really. I'll come home and weigh myself and I'll have gained two pounds. Weird, right?

But when I'm at school, which is usually way too early in the morning for me to eat, I hardly eat anything because my stomach will hurt or I'm just not wanting snack foods. And I'll weigh myself when I get home and find I lost a pound or two.

Do you see a lot of weighing right there? It's an addi…