Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zzzz....Boring Books.

I must say, the more and more I look at the beginning of books; the more and more I become angry. I find it so sickening to read a book's beginning and it starts out like this: I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere OR There was once a dream.

AH, makes me want to rip my freaking hair out! Why do authors feel the need to tell in the openings of their book??? Why????

I don't know about you but it agravates me quite a bit. After spending three years on my book, I realized how hard it is to be an author/aspiring author. And these jerks are throwing out books like this? Did they not edit their own book or something? I mean, you have to have really compelling/lyrical writing to tell a book instead of show. Some authors can perfect it (usually for only their first book or two) and most people fail at it.

Would you rather read this beginning?
The sun had began to rise, and I knew my time was up. I had to make a decision now, or I'd never leave this town. So I gathered my belongings and left.

OR would you rather read this?
The sun peeked out of the horizon, casting a dreamy hue of pink over the mountains, telling me that my time had come. I drew the string on my backpack and threw it over my shoulders. Looking out into the town, I spotted a little blue two story home, the home I had lived in since I was born. As I turned around, the sight disappeared, a sight I'd never see again.

Does that help any of you understand the difference between showing and telling. Obviously the first paragraph was telling. Isn't it so lifeless? There's nothing special about it. And that's how most books seriously start these days!

Can't you see how much more vivid that second paragraph is? It's much easier to picture the story in your head when it's action instead of thoughts. And this is how I created my story. It's hard to do sometimes, but I accomplished it. My book went from that first paragraph to the second one. (Not literally, but you know what I mean.) My writing used to be the telling kind of story but my beta reader helped me understand that I needed to write like that second paragraph. Thank you beta reader! If it weren't for you, my book would most likely fail. Now I might just have a chance with it.

Does anyone else have a hard time finding good books to read these days? Or is it just me?