Friday, October 19, 2012

Weight Gain Update.

Okay, so maybe this isn't necessarily a weight gain update, since I have stayed the same weight since the last time I posted. But I wanted to venture into this topic more.

You know how society is always saying you must eat more calories to gain weight? Well, I'm starting to believe it's all a bunch of bullshit. A calorie is a calorie, is not just a freaking calorie. There are good calories and with processed foods there are dead calories. Which means both will affect your body quite differently.

And after eating high calorie meals every single day for a few weeks and feeling like complete utter shit, I gave up. I mean if it's not making me gain even a pound now, how would it make me gain weight later? And I've read many cases like mine, but where they've even taken excess calories like up to 3thousand.

I mean, hell, these past few days I've eaten considerably way less than I used to and have still kept my weight. Why would I rather eat tons and tons of food and feel like crap when I can keep my weight by eating less?

So it got me thinking, how do the SAD cause people to gain weight? And like all of you remember correctly, junk food has always been the number one culprit. And what is junk food comprised of? Carbs. Tons and tons of carbs.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna shove my face full of processed, nutrient depleted foods. But it got me thinking, maybe I'm not getting enough carbs. And just like not all calories are the same, not all carbs are the same. I mean eating processed white sugar can lead to diabetes; however, the natural sugar cannot/will not do the same thing to your body. Processed sugars are toxic; natural sugars are not. That's why people die from eating junk food rather than eating tons of fruit.

And if I look back on my diet, I really didn't ever get hardly any carbs, well just not enough.

And if you search around the web, when you eat carbs, it causes insulin to be released to control blood sugar levels and store them as fat. Proteins do the exact opposite.

I'm not 100% sure that I'm correct but I'm willing to try. I mean, if that's all I have to do is just eat some more fruit and hummus, then I'm fine with that!

What really irks me is how little to no information there is on true health and gaining weight. Like I have seriously searched again and again to come up with nothing more than statements.

So I guess just like I tried eating more calories, I'm going to have to test the waters out on this one too.

I will give you updates if I come up with anything interesting.

Any comments are appreciated!

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