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How to Beat Constipation For Good

Remember how I said that I haven't been able to cure my constipation no matter what I tried? Well, I've finally figured out how to cure it! But there's an interesting story that goes along with it. And keep in mind, that these events happened to me just today.

Well, I did say to you guys before that tea had been a pretty big help, right? Right. Well, I did some research, and came across some interesting information. It is said that your digestive system is at its peak in the morning when you are no longer digesting food. In order to get things flowing, you need liquid.

Here's where my story begins. I woke up today, and my stomach was extremely bloated. So I ended up not going to school cause my stomach felt so uncomfortable all day. I brewed myself a cup of hot Twinnings English Breakfast Tea, and guess what? About ten minutes later I was running to the bathroom, and I was no longer backed up anymore!

But my stomach was still bloated, and my tummy still felt unfortable…

Weight Gain Update.

Okay, so maybe this isn't necessarily a weight gain update, since I have stayed the same weight since the last time I posted. But I wanted to venture into this topic more.

You know how society is always saying you must eat more calories to gain weight? Well, I'm starting to believe it's all a bunch of bullshit. A calorie is a calorie, is not just a freaking calorie. There are good calories and with processed foods there are dead calories. Which means both will affect your body quite differently.

And after eating high calorie meals every single day for a few weeks and feeling like complete utter shit, I gave up. I mean if it's not making me gain even a pound now, how would it make me gain weight later? And I've read many cases like mine, but where they've even taken excess calories like up to 3thousand.

I mean, hell, these past few days I've eaten considerably way less than I used to and have still kept my weight. Why would I rather eat tons and tons of food…

Digestive Problems: More Common than thought?

Ever since I was a young girl, my stomach has always given me such horrible problems. I would eat a slight amount in the morning and be in tremendous pain a few minutes later. So eating breakfast wasn't my thing.

Present day. I thought my digestive system was pretty good for a long time until recently my bowel movements have almost disappeared. I've tried lots of things, like adding more fruits. Eating less. Drinking more water. Drinking chia/flax mixtures for added fiber. However I have yet to try psyllium; it's just too expensive for me right now.

Every once in a while, a nice cup of hot tea does the trick and pushes things out. On a good day though. I thought being a vegetarian had fixed so many problems I once had, but now life is turning back on me.

I do have to admit that I don't eat the best of all vegetarians. I still eat slight amounts of dairy. I eat processed junk foods. I get angry with myself for it, too. I'm always feeling like crap, and I know it'…