Monday, July 9, 2012

My Experience With Proactiv: Rosacea & Acne

Do those Proactiv comercials tempt you? Have you considered more than once on trying it? Are you on the borderline of giving into that temptation?

Well, please STOP, and read my story first.

I've used Proactiv, I have experience with the product, and I want to share my story with you guys. But I must backtrack almost 4 years ago to when I actually used it.

Actually, I'm going to backtrack a little farther back than that...

Well, here it goes:

When I was twelve-years-old, I had the most perfect, flawless skin a girl would die for, literally. I rarely had to use makeup because my skin was seriously that perfect. And it stayed that way for a good long time. I was selfish back then, not realizing how damn lucky I was. I can't imagine how many girls envied me.

But then, I got sucked into the world of society and started to feel the need to wear makeup, constantly. That was my first mistake. After I began wearing makeup as a need to feel "pretty," I started to develop acne, not severe though. Just little pimples here and there. I thought nothing of it, really.

After a while, though, I got super insecure, becoming jealous of the girls who had no acne at all. Girls with the super flawless skin I once owned. My family would try and tell me to use all these face products to help, but I didn't really care much. That is, until I saw Proactive, and let me tell you, those commercials are very convincing for a young fourteen-year-old girl. I got jealous, envied all those people on TV. (LITTLE did I know they were fake!)

So I begged my parents, all the time. I begged them to get it for me, even though I sadly had no such thing as bad skin. Yet I begged and begged, and my parents finally caved in and bought it.

When it arrived in the mail, I was so ecstatic that I used it immediately. I used it religiously for weeks, with no improvement in my skin, none whatsoever.

But then things started to change....for the worst.

Now I can't remember when this exactly happened, possibly while I was using it or after I stopped using it, but I developed this horrible red skin on my cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. And it was bad. I felt more self-conscious than I ever felt in my entire life. It made me depressed with how bad my skin looked. And there was nothing for me to do about it. Absolutely nothing...

But this story isn't completely horrible. Trust me. It's been four years later; I'm a vegetarian (which I know plays a part) and my skin looks way better now. No, it's not completely healed. I'm still semi-self-conscious. But my face doesn't look beat red as if I got sunburned extremely bad.

How is this possible? I rarely wear makeup anymore, which I have concluded is a building block for acne, unless it's completely pure and natural makeup. I do not use commercial face products of any kind because they are loaded with toxic materials, which contributed to my face condition, which I believe is rosacea. Plus, I've switched my diet, and I now eat healthier than ever.

Now you're probably thinking this is just one of those coincidences where it began after I used Proactiv, and it can't be Proactiv's fault. BUT, I met a good friend of mine this year, and I discovered the same exact thing happened to her. Around the same age, she began using Proactiv, and ever since, her skin developed the same condition as mine. That's not a coincidence; it's something more.

These companies have great strategies to get money out of us. We buy their products; something else goes wrong with us, and then we buy more of their products. It's a never-ending process. And I'm talking about face product companies and mostly the pharmaceutical company. And trust me, they are very good at what they do, especially duping us. And they duped me well, but not longer will they.

So take my word, DO NOT use Proactiv. Or any commercial face products. I will do a post on why these products make our skin worse.

I would share my lovely photos of embarrassment, since I have been tracking the changes of my skin via photos, but I have a feeling some of you out there would say they're photo-shopped and that I don't know what the hell that I'm talking about. And those with that kind of thinking, you are in deep trouble, deep deep trouble. And to those of you who are waking up in this world, I thank you for reading my story. This world is full with illusion, and I want to help break them.

And if any of you are really, truly interested in seeing my skin's progress, just comment below, and I will make a post to post those pictures of my improvement to show there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel.  UPDATE: Pictures posted here on my new post!!



  1. Thanks for making the connection to diet and to commercial make-up products. And thanks for sharing your experiences. I do think it will help others.

    I think it's kind of you to call it 'illusion' and not 'corporate propaganda' that makes people believe that skin problems caused by commercial products are meant to be solved with pharmaceuticals! :)

    1. I believe diet is the overall key to this entire thing. I think I will make a post about it, actually.

      And hah! Yeah, it's kind for the people who don't deserve kindness. :) Oh well, but I guess it's a better term for those who haven't quite woken up yet, though.

      Actually, since I missed today's post, I will post about diet and skin problems and whatnot.

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