Saturday, July 28, 2012

GMOs: GM What?

Genetically. Modified. Foods.

Are you possibly eating any types of fruits or vegetables right now, possibly a tomato? Well, I'd take another look at that tomato, or wait, is that even a real tomato after all? How can one possibly tell?

In the year, 1994 (when I was born!), scientists had the stupidest idea ever. They decided to mutate a tomato. Now I don't believe in God, but that's totally ruining His creations, and I don't believe in ruining God's creations (or in my case, mother nature's creations). They took genes from other species and implanted them with in the tomato, with endless possibilities of a new tomato.

Do your tomatoes rot too fast? Don't worry, scientists can fix that!
Do your tomatoes attract too many bugs? Don't worry, scientists can make them have their own gene for that too!
Do your tomatoes taste sorta bland? Don't worry, scientists can fix that, too!

Am I the only one seeing a problem here? If they can do any of the three above, what the hell else are they doing with that tomato? Why should I trust some almighty scientist with my food?

Now that the tomato has been changed, it's completely a foreign object to our bodies. And our bodies don't do well with foreign objects at all.

Damn science! Leave my food and thy body alone! I don't need you playing God! (Ahem, notice a pattern here? Too many people are acting like God in our lives, mostly the government, who's supposed to serve us, and not the other way around, just saying).

And since these GMOs are quite recent, its effects are unknown. Quite scary to me.

But there's a whole `nother option, and that's organic! So even if it's kinda expensive, at least you'll know your not eating something disguised as food!

There's also the option of going to farmers markets and nearby farms that are old fashioned.

Want to read more about? Here's a perfect article that describes it as Frankenfood-->


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