Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Truth about Distilled Water

It came to my attention awhile ago why everyone made such a fuss about distilled water. I read a lot about how bad it is for you, but if you're taking out all chemicals and whatnot, how can it be bad for you?

Many people have it wrong when it comes to distilled water. Yes, it is taking out minerals, but nobody realizes that these minerals are inorganic. There are two categories of minerals: inorganic and organic.

Organic is inorganic minerals processed through fruits and vegetables and turned into organic minerals. Remember how fruits and veggies are vital for our body? Just think about it for a moment.

Inorganic minerals are found in the dirt, similar to lets say iron found in nails. Would you eat a nail just to get your daily dose of iron? I don't think so. But this is what the society wants us to believe.

Well, when you drink distilled water, it actually goes through your body and picks up all those inorganic minerals accumulating in your body. Yes, those minerals just pile up inside you with no way to get out, especially when you just keep piling them on.

But you're thinking, this will cost me too much money. Guess what? You're wrong. You could easily make your own distiller using a teapot and a pipe coming out of the spout and into a container. You could easily buy distilled water at your localy store such as Walmart or Target. Last night I found distilled water at Target for only 88 cents for a gallon! You just have to check the labels and make sure you're getting only pure, distilled water.

Here are some websites to back up what I'm saying and to explain further:

It's time we start making better decisions for our bodies, and it's time to start now in order to ever see improvement.

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