Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Next Big Genre?

I've been thinking lately about what the new next big bestseller will be, but quite frankly, I don't see how in the world anyone can figure that out. I know agents always say to look at what's selling in the market, but how am I, as a reader, supposed to know this? I don't have the stats to say what's selling and what's not.

I mean, we went from Harry Potter to Twilight to the Hunger Games. For all I know the next big thing could be about a boy and his dog. Who knows.

I think this is the hardest thing about the business. Not knowing whether the book you have written is good enough to fit in the market and trying to market it. I find it hard enough to put a genre on a novel when not knowing exactly what each thing means. I marketed mine as a Sci-Fi but now I'm thinking I should've went with Sci-Fi romance. I mean, does it even really matter? I guess it does in their world, but how are we supposed to know our novels exact genre? And aren't they going to market the genre for us? Same goes for publishers.

And I realized when I started querying that this weekend is Easter, so there's no way I'm getting a response as fast as I could from agents. It makes me so nervous waiting each day when I log onto my e-mail to see whether I've gotten a response. But so far, I've only received one. I hate not knowing whether it's my query's fault or my sample pages.

I saw one agent tweet something, and I hope she didn't mean my submission. That makes me even more nervous cause I'm just not sure whether it could be my manuscript or someone else's.

But I'm digressing. I wonder what the next big thing will truly be. Most agents say that paranormal stuff is dead which is kinda horrible to say because that's the only thing I can write, well mostly fantasy/scifi stuff. But to say that it's dead? I know vampires are, and agents always complain about them. But what if someone has a really awesome idea for a story involving vampires? I feel like they're knocking out things because some author portrayed those things oddly.

But this query process is really making me nervous. I just wish I'd get a response already!
Argh! I'll just have to try and be patient, maybe.

Anyways, what do you think will be the next big genre?


  1. Paranormal isn't dead and will never die. Agents are just a lot more selective about what they take on and most have said that any paranormal they take on now has to be extra unique.

    From what I've read contemporaries and sci-fi are what everybody wants at the moment, that and middle grade. A lot of them want stand alone novels as well.

    I get the discouragement. I write fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy. Those are the genres I love and I won't drop them to chase the trend. That wouldn't be being true to myself and what I write.

    Stick to what you love, you'll find the right home for it.

    1. Thanks for your input. I don't think I could ever drop what I love writing just to make it out there. I couldn't do that to my books. If only authors did stick to what they love instead of throwing books out there for the money.