Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vegetarian Foods

The best thing about being a vegetarian in my opinion is learning about a whole new spectrum of foods(ones my family never really ate b4). And vegetarian foods can be eaten by all! Well, except vegans, considering they can't eat everything we can.

Some of my favorite foods I've come across have been:

Chia Seeds. These are extremely nutritious seeds containing lots of amino acids.

Coconut Milk. I think I'm addicted to anything coconut now, except for coconut shreds. Yuck!

Minnestrone Soup. The best soup I've ever had! You can even order it at Olive Garden!

Spicy Burrito Recipe. I concocted it all on my own and have uploaded the recipe.

Guacamole. Super nutritious and high in calories if made to be.

Now I now some of you have seen most of these foods before, but I just can't help but mention how great these foods are. I can't live without my coconut milk nor my Madagascan vanilla ice cream!

So what are some of your favorite foods?

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