Friday, March 2, 2012

A Short Story: Agatha's Love of Bugs

 I have gotten my idea from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, if any of you are familiar with that game.

Agatha sat in the middle of her flora green room, staring down onto the grass green shag rug beneath her. A line of marching ants crawled across the rug, wading through the blades of cotton, towards the window sill to Agatha's right. She stared at the ants with a frown and followed them, closing the window to imprison the ants, closing out all the warm, breezy air. Even with the path closed, the ants continued marching like little amoebas wandering around in disarray. Agatha tugged on her long blonde curls and grunted, crossing her arms across the chest of her floral, pink dress. "Why must you leave?" she asked the ants. "I only wanna be friends."

     Agatha waited and waited, hoping the ants would suddenly change their minds and stay, but as expected, they didn't. The ants kept trying to find their way out, kept marching in one long, straight line. Finally, Agatha reluctantly gave up and opened her window, shedding light in streaks across her room. Heat blasted through the window, followed by a gust of warm air. As the ants began to disappear, Agatha threw herself on her bed, tears tumbling down her face like a cascade.

     When Agatha's sadness finally exhausted her, she fell asleep face down on her pillow, clutching her teddy bear close to her heart. She soon turned over on her side, lids closed in innocent peace. On the window sill, the ants disappeared into the outside world, but one lonely ant sat looking back at Agatha. It waited till it was all alone and climbed back to where Agatha slept. Then, the ant began surging with a luminous aurora, glowing like a star in the murky night, and crawled up Agatha's nose.

Will be continued next Friday...


  1. I'm just about to head off to bed - what a nice bedtime story!