Monday, March 26, 2012

The Jersey Shore

Fist Pump!

Okay. Okay. That was a joke. I swear. Well, unless some of you are Jersey Shore fans. *Begins to slowly creep away*

I don't know how many of you truly watch the Jersey Shore, but I have watched it a few times. And quite frankly, I think it's ridiculous. Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of idiots get drunk? Plus, they're getting paid to do so. I bet that's just a great life they have *sarcasm, if you didn't catch it*.

And to think every kid in my high school loves that show. It makes me sick. What great models they have. OH, hey let's all get drunk like the Jersey Shore. Fist Pump! They even have a day dedicated to them which is on Thursday, and the girls all scrunch their hair and wear slutty clothes. Yay! We're teenagers, but we don't care about how others think because we're all stupid.

Figures. And it's sad that most of the girls in my school are obsessed with tanning. It makes me sick to see how much money they spend on destroying their skin. But they all want to be just like Snooki and J-Wow.

But you know, it's all normal in their opinion. Let's all go drink and kill our livers. Sounds like a great time to me! Not.

Is it weird that I'm 17 and can see past all this mumbo jumbo that's thrown at me. I mean, most girls get obsessed with fixing their hair up and destroying it with hair straighteners. They go tanning and ruin their skin. They wear skimpy clothes to grab boys' attentions, but they don't realize how ridiculous they all look. Why would I want to spend money just to make other people happy? Shouldn't I make myself happy first?

And while they're all going out to parties and getting drunk, being stupid, and wasting all their brains and money, the real things in life that we should know are rotting away. Whatever happened to girls learning how to sew, crochet, and knit? Have we all become zombies and become incapable of learning what really matters in life?

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm straying as far away from society as I can. Screw drinking, partying, smoking, "being" a teenager. I want to learn things that will help me in the real world.

Oh, and don't get me started about technology. Everyone's so obsessed with their phones and facebook that it makes me sick.

Does anyone else see how many steps our society is taking backwards?


  1. Ha ha, I think you've got a really healthy attitude and you remind me of my own daughter! She's 18 and feels much the same as you, can't see why teens want to go out and get drunk all the time... And don't get us started on clothes... what happened to modesty? Can't stand all these plastic, perma-tanned celebs, much prefer real people. Bekah (my daughter) said only today, how much she prefers being pale and interesting to tanned and having everything on show!

    1. Glad to know there's another sane teen out there! I'm glad she has a good head on her shoulders.

      Oh, and I know a girl my age who got a nose job to get the boys to stop making fun of her when she was 14. I couldn't believe someone would take those kind of measures to please other people.

      I agree with you 100% on modesty. 12 year old girls wearing booty shorts and wearing the lowest cut shirts possible. It makes me embarrassed!

  2. It is sad how society places so much emphasis on how you look, don't get me wrong it's great to look nice, but I hate how sexualised everything is...and how young it starts!

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