Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gaining/Losing Weight

Anyone who has been to my blog before knows that I deal with problems gaining weight. However, I've figured out what I'm doing wrong, and how I can help others avoid my mistakes.

Now if you didn't know, three years ago, before I even turned vegetarian, I lost 15 pounds. I went from 105 to 90, and it quite frankly, scared the living hell out of me.

Again, as I always say, you must, must, must thoroughly educate yourselves. It is the most beneficial thing anyone can do for themselves. I realized the first thing I had done wrong. I didn't eat enough. I ate less than 2k calories everyday for 3 years, and now I decided to change my habits. In order for anyone to gain weight, you must eat more calories in a day. Up your intake by 500 each day until you notice yourself gaining weight. You don't have to force food down your own throat. Some bodies need different amounts. I need around 2k-3k calories in order to gain a pound every other day. My boyfriend on the other hand only needs a little around 2k or a little less and he can keep his weight like no problem.

BUT, you don't want to gain unhealthy weight. You shouldn't start eating tons of sugary foods just to gain weight. Incorporate more meals into your day. My day consists of 6 meals, each 500 calories. Those meals can include drinks to help achieve those 500 calories. You goal may be different, but you must find out what works for you. Do not eat 1k calorie meals though. I've tried, and it only ends up in constant belly aches. Anyone looking into gaining weight should also look into gaining muscle mass. This is the best form of gaining weight possible because muscle weighs more than fat plus it's healthier, much much healthier for everyone and anyone.

Same thing goes for people looking to lose weight. I don't care how much anyone tells you to exercise, blah blah blah. You know what I mean. Everyone is always saying exercise is the key to losing weight. Well, they were dead wrong. Even though you are losing calories by exercising, it may not be enough. Count your calories in a day. See how much you eat. Continue exercising BUT eat 500 calories less in your day. If that doesn't help, go another 500 calories less and spread your meals out and eat more fiber to feel full. The worst thing you can do is starve yourself, so don't believe in those crap diets everyone is talking about. They can only worsen your energy and body.  And diets will never work for losing weight. NEVER! They will help you lose some for a short period of time until you continue your old ways, so stick to a daily regime and you'll never be disappointed.

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