Thursday, March 1, 2012

Books on Amazon

Everytime I go to look at a book on Amazon and I preview the first few pages, I find the worst openings ever. They don't start out with actions. They start out with narration, and it quite frankly, gets on my damn nerves. It's like authors are getting lazier and lazier.

This is what makes me uncertain about self-publishing my book because more and more self-published books are being put out there, and they're getting worse and worse. I don't want mine to be overlooked and thought, "well, this is just another self-published piece of crap". That would make me sad because I've spent so much time on this book that it's ridiculous. 1 year of writing. 4 months of editing. And it's not done!

But I'm digressing. I really wanted to talk about the Hunger Games since it's coming out soon as a movie. I mean, it's been in the top 100 of Amazon for books for 903 days which is amazing. From the commercials, it looks like a pretty good movie, but what's the book all about? I read the first page, and couldn't quite get into it. Anyone want to change my mind and tell me why I should read it?

I understand that it's about survival, but does anyone really want to persuade me into reading it?

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