Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting Published...

It seems as if getting published is getting harder and harder as the years go on, and more and more people are turning to self-publishing. The bad thing is is that those self-published books aren't living up to their potentials. Authors are just throwing books out right and left because they want to be published and make money, which is bad, very very bad. Us readers want well-developed, well-edited novels, agreed?

But not all self-published books are a bunch of crap. Take Amanda Hocking for example. She wrote book after book, trying to get traditionally published, but everyone turned her down. Now why did she get turned down? Well, agents and publishers are getting pickier and pickier these days. They don't take on books that are amazing. They take on books that are going to sell. See how it all works? Not books that people want to see. Books that are like other books already published. Now isn't that a bunch of crap? But...As soon as Amanda Hocking got big self-publishing, publishers rushed to get a contract made with her so they could make money off of her good old work. Tricky bastards we have here.

On the other hand, traditionally published authors are getting sick of publishers and the low pay, so most of them are turning towards self-publishing. And I would too, considering only being paid a dollar per book sale. Yes, seriously, a dollar per book sale. Now if you self-pubbed, you'd make a few dollars per sale, maybe 3-4 depending on the list price.

Debut authors are having an even rougher time. You can't get an agent because they are only taking on a limited number of debut authors. You can't find a publisher because they only want well-known already published authors. So then debut authors take on self-publishing. This is just as tough because you're starting from nowhere all by yourself. You have to shovel your own work out into the world with no promise of anyone even seeing or buying your book. BUT, you get total control over your book. You can design the cover. You can make the inside look all pretty. You can even set the price at whatever you want. Awesome, right? Sounds like it, but it's also very hard to make any money what-so-ever, but it's not like most author's goal are to be millionaires, right? Eh, I'm not too sure about that one. Some shovel books out there just for the money, but others, like me, care about their readers, not the money.

All of this stuff above is what makes me so lost/confused about the road I want to take to publish my book, but I know I want total control over my novel. I'm just afraid that nobody will know it's out there.

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