Thursday, February 23, 2012

The City of Bones Movie

Okay, so if you haven't read The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, I think you should. Why? Because it's filled with wonderful descriptions, has a ton of action, great romance, an intricate plot, and unbelievable characters. It's my favorite series of all times, and it's being turned into a movie! Though the date is not certain yet, the two main characters have been casted.

**There are NO SPOILERS below, just to let you know**
Main character of the whole series is Clary. She's an innocent, talented red head who falls for golden haired beautiful Jace. Jace is personally my favorite character because he's just plain out awesome. He always says wonderful things, and he's graceful and good-looking. But there's a catch. Jace is a broken character with a past that will make you gasp.

Why you should read the book? Because it's well written, has a deep, complicated plot that gets resolved throughout the 4 books, and well because of Jace. And if you don't end up liking Jace, you'll end up liking Simon, Clary's best friend. But then you'll be my enemy. Just kidding. I really like Simon, too. He's a nerdy, awesome best friend that I wish I had, plus he's always there for Clary no matter what.

Anywho, Clary and Jace have been casted. Lily Collins (She's from The Blind Side and Mirror Mirror) will play Clary. I hope they dye her hair red or I'll be very ticked off, but I must admit, she's a very pretty actress so I'm glad they casted her as Clary. And Jamie Campbell is playing Jace, although I may not agree with him to be a good enough looking Jace. BUT Cassandra Clare did say that Lily and Jamie had great chemistry, so I hope the movie turns out good.

                          Lily Collins                               Jamie Campbell

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