Friday, December 2, 2011

Quote of the Week

I'm kind of bummed that it's already December. Novemeber flew by too fast, way too fast. I have another month to revise my novel that I've written, and then it'll be time to send it out to agents in January. Well, that's the goal I've made for myself, so who knows what will happen.

Anyways, I've decided to post a quote of the week every Wednesday, even though today is Friday, you'll understand why when you read the last sentence of this post. Most of the quotes will be about writing or just something inspirational. I hope you enjoy them!

"It's not the length of the word that matters, but the way it's used that matters."

I'm not too sure who said this quote, but someone posted it on a writing website. But, I think this quote rings true. Some authors think that big words make great novels, but I think that it's the way the words are used that make great novels. I mean, that's what writing is all about, using words to create sentences to engage the reader. It seems pretty self-explanatory to me.

If you're wondering why I posted everything on the same day, it's because I have a blog on livejournal already so I'm just transferring everything over. :)

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