Friday, December 2, 2011

Irks me.

Do you know what irks me most? Of course you don't, you barely know me. Well...when people read the very last page of a book before they read the rest irks me more than when someone leaves the toilet seat up. Why do people do this? Seriously, why? That ruins the whole dramatic effect of the ending. Yeah yeah, I know. You say you just can't wait or it helps you decide whether it will suck or not. Well stop making excuses! What do you think the first page is even there for? I didn't write the first page in my book for nothing. I want readers to get hooked right from the start not the end. I have twists and turns closest to the end. Why on Earth would you ruin that for yourself?

But seriously, the first page of a book can tell you a lot about the story. It gives you a sense of the author's ability to write or whether this book is the type your going to like. If I'm not hooked on that first page, for God's sake even the first line, then I'm definitely not reading the rest. But reading the last page? I just want to rip my own hair out at that. My very last page of my book is something I want readers to be surprised at and not know from the very beginning. I mean, if I really wanted you to read it first, I'd have put it as the first page. Just think about all those people ruining the suspense, well for themselves that is. That would be like reading the last page of the last book of a series. Why read it then if you already know what's going to happen?

I found out yesterday that my friend reads the very last paragraph of the books they read. I asked them why, but they couldn't give a clear enough answer. They said it doesn't even give away anything. Well, then what's the point? It takes all the fun out of turning each page and feeling accomplished when you hit that final one. Do these people just hate suspense? Because I'm sorry, but that's what books and movies are all about. I just feel that reading the last page ruins the book.

Is there something I just don't understand? If so, explain it to me.

And I hate it when people spoil books for others. Your just ruining it for the other person. How would you feel if someone told you that so and so died or that so and so is the killer in your favorite series? Someone did this to me a few years ago when I read Twilight, and I was so peeved about it (although I could really care less now since I've moved on from Twilight, if you know what I mean.). So to get back at this girl, my friends and I told her the ending to The City of Bones. She was pissed! I was happy because then she knew how it felt. Serves her right!

I think I'm done. I might post a poem dedicated to my novel tomorrow, so I hope you'll stop by and read it!

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